Too hot on the beach

It is too hot on the beach today even though there is a pretty strong southwest wind. That’s the kind of wind that causes sand to blow down the beach and sandblast everything and everybody in its path. Anyway, I am sitting (at the moment) stealing wi-fi at the Green Guy Cafe, which is probably even hotter than the beach at this time of day. Hmmm. Why did I think this was a good idea? I am a little sunburned. (Yes, I was the one who got sunburned.) Some people were fussing about that a bit and no, “some people” in this case is not The Commander. I know my limits when it comes to the sun. My burn did not hurt. It felt a little warm for a while. That was it. I think I swam three (or was it four?) times yesterday and at least once today and I will swim again. When I say I “swim”, I should qualify that swimming for me these days consists largely of walking out in the lake and getting wet. It is definitely not my main form of exercise. I do ALWAYS dive under when I swim here. I love the feeling of getting totally dunked. It’s the only thing to do on a hot day.

I can remember being a small beach urchin and walking on the sand when it was so hot it felt like it was burning my feet. I bet it’s that hot today but my feet are now so old and leathery that don’t think they feel the heat. What happened to the beach peas? I remember walking along the top of the beach just below the bank, picking pea pods and eating the peas. I cannot find any plants with pea pods on them. Where did they go? We do have blueberries. We are going to have a LOT of them this year. Most of the blueberries in front of the Moomincabin are not ripe yet but Jeep and Pan watered theirs througout the drought and this morning Jan said she only needed another cup to make a pie. I might manage some pancakes before I have to head south again.

My beautiful “cuzzints” from yesterday’s photooooo have left (alas!) but my “cuzzint” Terri (from the other side of the fambly) and her daughter Ana are here and they are staying *at* the Moomincabin with us and Terri is just like one of my Fin uber-cousins to me. So that’s a lot of fun. And my beautiful San Franciscan will be here any minute after attending a wedding on Mackinac Island. And it is way too hot here to think and it is so bright I can’t see the screen on this here mothership of a MacBook. So that is just a little update on what is going on in the exciting world of a baggy old kayak woman on a busman’s holiday in the great no-so-white north. Er, is it 0-beer-30 yet?

P.S. That’s our telescope and hummingbirds were buzzing it like crazy yesterday. Yes, we do have feeders out, tended by The GG and The Commander.

3 Responses to “Too hot on the beach”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love dunking myself to get cool on a hot day–since I don’t have a beach, I sometimes pour water over the top of my head. 0 beer thirty? I might make an exception and have a couple today. It’s going to be a stressful week.

  2. laurie Says:

    this brings back memories of Park Point, getting sand in my bathing suit, burning the soles of my feet, dashing out into the frigid water, and yes eating those peapods, whatever they were. whatever they were apparently they weren’t poison, because we are all still here.

  3. pooh Says:

    I bet it’s the red casing that’s attracting the hummers — either that or they like looking through the optics
    bass-ackwards, — “Rufous has a big butt, Rufous has a big butt!”

    When we were in Colorado with the Regenstreif-Harms, the hummers were checking out his red bike jersey, which he’d hung outside to dry. I’m sure it didn’t smell like flowers, but there was a lot of red in one spot.