xmas-lights.jpg“You already turned in all your stuff! You don’t need to be here!” That was my Illustrator teacher’s cheerful greeting when I arrived at my last class yesterday. And then she proceeded to surmise that I had arrived by snowshoe. Actually, I had slithered over there via the dirty old green honda accord, but it was all fun. I do get invigorated by cold weather and lots of snow, and sometimes I think I tend to exhude an aura of Nanook of the North or Abominable Snowman or whatever, galumph-stomping along in my raggedy old ski jacket and salt-encrusted boots. Over-the-top optimism in conditions where others may want to just retreat to some warm place. And so another semester is over. I have only one class scheduled for next semester: web coding 4, php/Ruby. For those of y’all who are going, “say what?” those are programming languages. Or maybe scripting languages is a more appropriate word? Php and Ruby can be used in various environments but the focus of the class will be on server-side scripting, that is, interacting with user input and server data to dynamically create html web pages. Er, *x*html, considering who the teacher is. 😉 I had considered taking the second Flash class. I LOVE playing around with Flash but that class gets pretty heavily into action-scripting and I know better than to set myself up with two programming classes at once. Especially when one of those classes (Flash) also includes a heavy element of graphic design. Heck, last year I was taking Flash 1 and I went to California during my spring break and I remember dreaming that I had to turn myself into a “movie clip” before I could get up and take a shower. Anyway, the php/Ruby class has the potential to kill me all on its own but if I *do* pass it, I *think* it will allow me to collect an advanced certificate, “Web Application Developer.” I am also one class away from the advanced graphic design certificate but that will have to wait for now.

I am fried and we are off to downtown to eat at Conor O’Neil’s and go to a volunteer party at The Ark. Glarg. The GG is rummaging now, so I guess we better get going.

Kayak Woman The Abominable Snowman

4 Responses to “Blahrrrrambgle”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Quoting: “..and sometimes I think I tend to exhude an aura of Nanook of the North or Abominable Snowman…”

    well, your Bro’ likened himself to The Yeti….

  2. Pooh Says:

    Mark sets his standard of sanity/insanity for

  3. Pooh Says:

    bicycling at six other cyclists. If he sees six, he’s sane, less than six, he’s one of those crazy few with “over the top optimism”.
    On his scale, he only counts bikers, b/c when it’s really cold, Mark jogs. And he hates jogging. (Don’t know if counts joggers when he’s jogging.)

    Note on the split personality of this comment: I was trying to put a quotation mark in the first comment, but I fat-fingered the CTRL key instead of the SHIFT key w/ the quotation mark. Then the program would let me search for “, but not keep typing.

  4. Aimee Nassoiy Says:

    WhooooohOOOOOo!! A real job means real money. I’m both proud of and happy for you. Does that mean you can ditch school?
    I am one final away from halfway through. I’ll need a real job when I’m finished to pay off student loans.
    I have vicarious enjoyment of the snow through your blaugh and ski photos.
    Well also through the Mt. Baker website photo gallery, which if anyone wants to see real mountains and heroic skiers and riders should check out. (I think) They are lining up for another world record snowfall.
    We have plenty of the white stuff in Maine, but I have not had much time to enjoy it. That will change after my last final tomorrow. Psyched to cross country ski and snowshoe. Still challenged to accept the bumps here in Maine as “mountains” for the expensive alpine sport.
    Off to the warmth of the Dominican Republic on New Year’s Eve.
    But I digress, I really am glad to hear that you have found a good job with folks you like to work with. “Good on you!”