Kids, don’t ever ask your stupid old Moom to be the systems administrator for your blog!!!

me-and-sam.jpgUPDATE: And sometimes when you’re feeling down, you get by with a little help from your friends. In this case, Sam the Archaeologist, who had Mouse’s Nest cached and showing the deleted post (Sneaky White Lies), which I restored (AND LOGGED OUT AGAIN AND I WILL STAY OUT!). Interesting coincidence that Mouse’s post talks about going back in time and kicking oneself. Also, check out Sam’s most recent post for a view of a cool new laptop! (That’s Sam and me in the pic, geeking along in the Yoop last summer, the boyz were in the back.)

Here’s what I originally wrote, really, I am okay! 🙂

I am batting about zero toady today. (I make that typo a *lot*!) Mouse wrote a wonderful blog entry this morning and I managed to DELETE IT! 😥 I created Mouse’s blog and I have login access to it. But I only ever log in to troubleshoot things like overflowing spam comments, etc., that are hard to deal with when you can only get online in African cybercafes. This morning, I tried to make a comment to her latest entry. But it didn’t take. So I logged in to try to figure out why. It just wasn’t there, not even trapped in Akismet. I figured I had forgotten to hit the submit button so I made the comment again. This time, it showed up but it was from “Mouse” — because I was still logged in. As “Mouse.” So I went out there again to try to delete the comment and guess what? I accidentally deleted the *entry*, not the comment! I’m sorry Mouse, I am logged out now. I won’t log back in.

I never really talk about the empty nest syndrome much. The last few years have been interesting. I lost my brother and then my dad and quit my job. Then one daughter graduated from college and moved to California and the other goes to college in Kalamazoo but right now she’s on study abroad for six months in Africa. And I am okay, do not get me wrong. My kids are doing very well and I am proud of them and happy for them. They are *supposed* to grow up and move away. I manage to slog on about as well as I can, after all there are a few perks associated with not having children in the house. But it is a little hard to communicate with someone in Africa and I really look forward to reading Mouse’s blog entries when she gets the chance to make them. So I am TOTALLY TICKED OFF with myself right now!!!!! And it is at moments like these that life catches up with me. I usually move pretty fast so it doesn’t happen that often.

Mouse, I am sorry. I will NOT do that again. I did take the opportunity to make a backup copy of your database. It was probably about time. I love you. I hope you can reconstruct the post.

Okay. I am getting *nothing* done right now. I am going to dry my eyes and go get the laundry and clean the kitchen and slither over to my last class of the semester and whatever else I need to do. Onward.

3 Responses to “Kids, don’t ever ask your stupid old Moom to be the systems administrator for your blog!!!”

  1. Sam Says:

    Glad I could help with the blog entry. Yeah, that was fun geeking around the central Yoop! Let’s do it again!

  2. kayak woman Says:

    You are the bestest friend! Love!

  3. Emily R Says:

    I think it is fantastic that you and your daughter blog to one another. How lovely.