Seven and five-eighths in that kind of pee yellow color

pointsettia.jpgMy phone rang while I was at the counter at Urban Outfitters. I didn’t answer it. Actually, I get few enough calls on my cell phone (I am soooo popular) that when I do get one, I can get a bit discombobulated about trying to answer it. Especially when I’m already doing something that involves talking. Anyway, the caller was the usual suspect so when I got outside, I called back and he reminded me — for the umpteenth time — that he wants a Stormy Kromer hat for Christmas. Stormy Kromer hat. Stormy Kromer hat. Stormy Kromer hat. Broken record anyone? Size seven and five-eights in, what was that color again? Kind of yellow-brown? My *favorite* color. 🙄 Oh, *not* yellow exactly, you say? More like brown? Okay, last I looked, Stormy Kromer hats come in a whole bunch of different and exciting shades of brown. And there’s a pink one. And a red and black checked one. And a couple different camouflage patterns. But really, if I buy you a Stormy Kromer hat, does that mean I have to appear in public with you wearing it? I dunno. I’m trying to figure out if the GG is trying to emulate *his* dad’s wardrobe or *my* dad’s. Yeah, I know. My wardrobe ain’t nothin’ to write home about either. grok grok. You stoopid ol’ bag! grok grok. *I* want a Stormy Kromer hat. gork grok. Do they hava nice frog green with a li’l bit o’ purple abou’ th’ edges? grok grok Or maybe a nice purple one with a l’il bit o’ frog green abou’ th’ edges. grok grok grok. er maybe ya cud git ’em t’ make me a speshul hat with shiny rainbo m’talic tassels. grok grok grok. Stormy Kromer hat! Stormy Kromer hat! Stormy Kromer hat! grok grok grokGROK!

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