He(She)’s making his(her) list(s) and checking it(them) twice(thrice, nth). Gonna find out….

santas.jpgFriday: Visit from Valdemort (love) and an evening at Knight’s with our Birch Point Beach buddies, the Porters.

Saturday: Delivery day for The Commander’s pointsettias. One down (Bubs and Harry). One to go (Don and Marcia weren’t there and we thought their breezeway would be two cold for this luxurious plant). We’re staying in tonight. Which is a *good* thing.

Sunday: Lizard arrives, assuming O’Hare Midway isn’t too socked in for her flight to take off. Courtois party at Jim and Becky’s.

Monday: Nieman party. Bring a white elephant if you want to play the bag game. Don’t get me wrong, the bag game is a riot! But I usually try to retreat to the kitchen during the bag game. Where the whine is. Usually there are a few other retreaters in there too. Where the whine is. 😉

In between all of this is slogging around town shopping. Food. Three, count ’em, three grockery stores today! There was a reason I told the clerk at the Jackson Rd. Meijer, “Seeya tomorrow,” as I left yesterday morning. Because guess what? I *did* see her “tomorrow.” Which would be this morning. And I’ll be back there tomorrow. Unless I decide to visit Arlene at the Westgate Kroger uscan instead. Gifts. Really, we’re done. Almost. Other random stuff that can’t be lived without. After all, both the Westgate Kroger uscan and the Jackson Rd. Meijer will be closed on Christmas, don’tcha know?

Why am I not stressed out? What am I forgetting to do? It’ll be a small, quiet holiday here at the Landfill on the Planet Ann Arbor. Only one daughter will be home. The other one is on study abroad in Africa. Three years ago we had the flip side of this situation when Lizard Breath was off on her study abroad. Which was in Spain but she spent the winter holidays trucking around Europe. Anyway, that makes three of us here for Christmas. So it just isn’t a big deal to get ready for it. So I am not (knock on wood) too stressed out.

This is a little spooky! But I am rambling aimlessly and incoherently today and I better get going about putting some food together for *tonight* or the GG might kill me or something. Not stressed out? Maybe we’ll revisit that in a while. 😉

Happy holidays y’all!

3 Responses to “He(She)’s making his(her) list(s) and checking it(them) twice(thrice, nth). Gonna find out….”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Dinner was great. The company was better. Thanks for the holiday cheer.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Love you so much, John and Diane! 🙂

  3. Sam Says:

    I remembering seeing a lush poinsettia in Mexico, the plant’s homeland and where it’s commonly called noche buena, that was about eight feet tall!