You’re a mean one, Mrs. Grinch, doo doo doo doo

I am drenched. We have rivers instead of streets today. It is windy and rainy and ugly. And I am muddy. Because the Haisley entrance to the schoolyard is an impassable mass of mud. Why doesn’t the city get after the *school district* about *their* sidewalks? The basement floor is flooded — again — and supposedly there is no way to fix it. From now on, the rule is that any newspaper that is in the recycle bin is fair game for starting fires. If it ain’t in there, I ain’t read it yet! Except for the sports section or the classified ads or the auto section. I don’t read those. Do NOT throw out the Saturday Community section until I have read it. I’m just as much of an old gossip as everyone else and I *like* to read about all the incredibly gifted kids and their wonderful accomplishments. Sarcastic? Me? :mrgreen:

Bah Humbug,
Mrs. Grinch

One Response to “You’re a mean one, Mrs. Grinch, doo doo doo doo”

  1. Green Guy Says:

    I don’t mind references to Grinch’s but to outright assume the title will not be tolerated. I am going to call Grok via sattelite phone to make sure he gives you a righteous earful. Any future reference to Grinches might incur the wrath of the Grinch lobby which has great influence with the Bush Administration. All hail king George, Long live the King.
    Bah Humbug,
    The Real Grinch
    P.S. You did a good job of grumping,maybe with enough coaching you might make the grade yet.