713 Henry Street

That’s where the new handy-dandy ree-cycle cart was supposed to get delivered to. I wonder if the folks at 713 Henry got mine? ’cause that is NOT my address. Henry Street is halfway across town from me. I know where it is because my uncle owns a rental house on that street and I pass it whenever I am heading out to Trader Joe’s or wherever on Stadium. Anyway, we’ve reached a new level of high-tech ree-cycle around here and I’m not sure I’m as happy about it as Kayak Woman thinks I am. Heck, I LIKED sorting the garbage! But KW did one of her stoopid videos anyway and you can’t really hear the GG when he backs into the drive but he yells, “Luuuuucieeee, I’m home!” And she babbles something about helicopters too. Because SEVERAL of those flew over while she was doing her video. She thinks it’s because there was an accident on the freeway when she was driving home from work today. She didn’t see it but she thinks it happened just AFTER her exit because there was a little slowdown just BEFORE her exit. If that makes any sense. Anyway, she got off the freeway and was sitting in the long, slow left-turn lane from Jackson onto N. Maple and cops and ambulances and faarrr trucks and the whole works were coming along and she had to wait through two lights. Which was OK under the circumstances, of course!!! Anyway, nearly an hour later, helicopters started to fly over the Landfill neighborhood toward the freeway and that isn’t all that usual since Tommy Monaghan found true religion and stopped buzzing the neighborhood with his Domino’s rig. Or maybe the ca-ca-ca-cas were *not* going to the crash. Anyway, the video is below. Just a bit over two minutes and not very exciting. Maybe someday she’ll show you the severed heads!

2 Responses to “713 Henry Street

  1. Margaret Says:

    We’ve had that for a while, which we were very excited about. HOWEVER, we can’t put glass in it which we used to be able to recycle in a special bin. I guess there are always advantages and disadvantages.

  2. Marquis Says:

    Yep, we got one of these too, earlier this year.