In which whiiiine is served at the Green Guy Cafe

Or not. It used to be served here all the time. I can remember when the Green Guy was first built way back in the 70s and Radical Betty and Duke and The Commander and Grandroobly and various other rabble-rousers would pop champagne corks at the rafters. And there was some kind of pinata party once but I’m not gonna go there tonight. I do think that the Grinchie wore the remains of that thing on his head for an appearance at the barrooms of Sault Ste. Siberia later that night. Anyway, I am sitting here in the wind at the Green Guy Cafe. It was up in the 80s when I left the Planet Ann Arbor at noon or thereabouts. It is still fairly warm here but I am wearing my polartech hoodie. Because it is wiiiinnnnddddy, or did I mention that? Maybe I didn’t. And I do have some whine here but I brought my own. Not that the conversation back at the moomincabin was boring or anything. There was just a bit more octogenarian drama than I could handle tonight. And I had to do some kind of a blahg entry. I’ll go back over there soon. After I walk the beach. There are certainly some good breakers to dodge tonight. Don’t worry. I’m not drunk and I won’t fall in. Short video below. G’night!

3 Responses to “In which whiiiine is served at the Green Guy Cafe”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It doesn’t look like it should be that windy at the beach (by the sky) but it obviously is. It’s only like that here at the Big Ocean, not really on the Puget Sound so much. Wine? I’m having beer tonight and it tastes SO good.

  2. Sam Says:

    So, is there a fuzzy mic app? (to filter the wine, um, wind…heh)

  3. pooh Says:

    Packing this morning – one bag for the trip to la-la land, one bag for the cabin next week, since will only be back in STL overnight. Actually, the cabin bag is pretty much already packed – just left all the warm clothes I didn’t wear in Yellowstone in the suitcase, and will pack all the cooler clothes for warm weather in the duffle. Will bring a few warm layers for cool evenings and just in case in the duffle bag. Bike clothes for the cabin too — looking forward to bike rides that aren’t at 90+ degrees! Bring on the whine!