I *knew* this would happen if I went back to work

grumpyoldman.jpgOr some variation of it. You are not old and you are not my dad. Go to work or go kayaking or fiddle around with hubs and waaaaaars and things. Put some hot water in your empty milk glass so it can soak the milk ring off, fer Kee-reist! Find a nice girlfriend. You know who you are and you can find something to do. I do the blasted grocery store by myself. It’s faster when there’s nobody to distract me.

And so I did. Early. I-won’t-say-how-much or so at the Saline Rd. Meijer, I really didn’t look at the total. I just swiped. And Tarjay for a new bathmat (very much needed) and shower curtain (really not needed but matched nicely). Honestly, I probably spend around that much money at the grocery store every week. It’s just that since I usually do it in little dribs and drabs, somehow it doesn’t feel like I’m spending that much. But this time I hope that I-won’t-say-how-much lasts the whole week or thereabouts. Except. Sigh. I have *already* been back out. Today. This time I was out of mailing tape. Well, actually, I’m probably not out of mailing tape but I can’t find any so I might as well be. Since really I’m just a moom who mails stuff to California, I need mailing tape. Anyway, I also needed throat coat (for the GG, not for me) and little boxes of soy milk (which I couldn’t *find* at Meijer) and a bead magazine and plastic wrap and quart-sized ziploc bags. So back out. To the Westgate Kroger this time. Okay, I didn’t *need* the bead magazine, I was just walking by the rack and it jumped into my basket. What can I say?

P.S. Now that I have put the new bathmat and shower curtain in the Blue and Only Bathroom, I realize how awful the floor is in there. It isn’t as bad as the kitchen floor. Quite. But maybe it’ll be next on my list after the back room carpet and kitchen floor. I suppose that will mean I won’t have the use of the Blue (and Only) Toilet for the duration. Hmmm…

3 Responses to “I *knew* this would happen if I went back to work”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    yeah, me too. Regarding the swiping without really noticing the total. Later, I think “um, how much was that?” and I hunt down the receipt and either gasp or sigh in relief. Not that there’s anything to worry about, but I occasionally surprise myself at how much *stuff* costs.

    and I too am looking at my kitchen floor and my half-bath floor and wondering just what am I gonna do with them. and doing nothing at the moment, even though something desperately needs doing. No time!!!

  2. kayak woman Says:

    yeah, no time. sigh

  3. mouse Says:

    remember that if you replace the towels, you should save the old ones for me. also, since when did you drink boxes of soymilk?? i suppose that came from me at some point. i would give *anything* for a box of soymilk right now. or some real milk. or something. time to go home and mix up a nice plastic cup of room-temperature “fat-filled unsweetened dehydrated milk powder” in my room…