I’m so glad somebody else does this stuff too

stuff.jpg“Hey, there’s Briarwood Mall!” I thought, as I was rather nonchalantly motoring along the I94 18-wheel Clogway to work today. And then, “Oh, #$%&! I was supposed to get off at that exit.” Sheesh! It is not long until the next exit after the “Briarwood” exit but the next exit is not an easy on/off type thing. It is a major freeway interchange and, in order to turn around, you have to get off, drive a half mile or so on *another* freeway, wait FOREVER at a stoplight, cross the other freeway, get back on and *then* enter the I94 18-wheel Clogway *again*, going the other way this time. And these are those WWII type clover-leaf intersections which were designed for when there were like, five vee-hickles on the road per mile instead of nineteen million gazillion. All that, plus I kept getting behind people who were motoring along at a slower rate of speed than I wanted to go because they had their blasted cellular telephones plastered to their ears. And I was NOT trying to go over the speed limit — at least not too much. And I should probably be happy that said cell-talkers were going a little bit slower than I wanted to go. I know how distracted you can be when you are yakkin’ on the phone while driving. But kee-reist! THAT’S WHY I RARELY DOOOOO THAT!!!! HELLOOOOOO! If you wanna talk, PULL OVER SOMEWHERE! But the truth is that I was distracted by my own thoughts, not my cell phone, and I missed my exit.

This is the first time since working there that I’ve missed the exit! Yeek!

Then I tried to shoot out to the Saline Rd. Meijer at lunch. I try to take a half hour lunch and it’s a proven fact that I can get over to Meijer and buy, say 10 items, and get back to work in a half hour. I did that on New Year’s Eve, when the store was CRAZY! Not this time. There was a backup on State St. that was so bad that by the time I got to Ellsworth, I just turned around and went back to work. I mean, I could’ve taken a longer lunch. But my own personal work ethic says that if they are expecting me to work eight hours a day (40 hours a week), I work eight hours a day, 40 hours a week. And, really, I didn’t get there until nine this morning and I wanted to get out by 5:30, so I gave myself a half hour for lunch. And hit the Westgate Kroger on the way home. I’ll be hitting the grocery store (probably the Jackson Rd. Meijer) again in the morning and maybe a few other stores. Our bathmats (yes, two, don’t ask) have holes in them. Doya think it might be time to replace them?

Hey, it’s okay. It was a good day. I’m just kvetching! ’cause that’s what blahgs are for. Love, Kayak Woman!

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  1. mouse Says:

    grokgrok!! love you