In a cube somewhere on the planet

sunsetcube.jpgThis picture was in my old cube, way back in the Jurassic age. Anyone want my 80s clothes? Size medium or thereabouts. Bright colored with lots of black. I never did do any of the drab corporate stuff very well. Anyway, now the sunset pic is in my new cube. It attracts a bit of attention but probably not as much as the first day of kindergarten pic does. I am always quick to explain that yes, they are my kids. 18 years ago or so. Wouldn’t want anyone to be confused. You know, they might wonder if the kids were my grandchildren or the daughters of my much younger sister. The non-existent one.

The GG took the sunset pic. I think. Or was it my bro’? The GG had it blown up and mounted and he snuck it into my cube one day when I wasn’t looking. I mean into my old cube. He can’t even get into the building that my new cube is in. ‘course, there’s a great big vee-hickle eater over where my old cube is these days. Where the GG still is. I don’t even go near there if I can avoid it. To think we used to just, well, drive in. Thank you Al Qaida. (This is prob’ly borderline taboo to put in my blahg but I’m just being a reporter here. Facts only.)

I probably have about a thousand Birch Point Beach sunset pictures. This one has a bit of a history in a way that the others don’t and it isn’t even because it has been blown up to a huge size. I’m not sure how big it is but I put it in a “tall kitchen bag” to schlep it over there today and it stuck way out. It is not small. But back in the day, I was sitting around in my cube one day, trying to pick my way out of the huge hole I always seemed to be in, when our new computer operator stuck his head around the corner and said, “That’s Round Island.” And, yes, it *is* Round Island. On the right, there. I almost fell out of my chair. How did he know that was Round Island? He did, and that’s how our good friend John, and later on his wife Diane, came into our lives. Because they have a cabin around Birch Point from Fin Family Moominbeach and they can see Round Island too and it’s an easy kayak (or walk) from my cabin to theirs.

2 Responses to “In a cube somewhere on the planet”

  1. Jay Says:

    Have fun with the job. I can tell its a new job because the in/out box is empty.

  2. l4827 Says:

    Ah, I like that story …….. true story? God’s gift to Operation’s would have been a better, more accurate, title that *I* would have picked ……. Thankx for remembering our ‘preliminary report’ daz. Hope you like your new *cube*. *Ya know* (2 words said a millennia ago), it seems that 5 mile point is ………