Grand Central Station at 3 AM…

lizjeep.jpg…as Elizilla got up to take a shower and the plows arrived to clear our street. She had a 6 AM flight and we’d’ve made it there even if they hadn’t plowed because *we* have The Indefatigable! Which is what our California girl is driving in the pic since that’s the only way she could get out of the neighborhood yesterday. Don’tcha love that rust! And it is the vee-hickle that both of our girls learned to drive in, when they were about eight or ten or whatever, at Raco, an abandoned WWII airbase in the Yoop, so she’s very familiar with it, creakly old manual transmission and all. Just try to get that sucker into reverse. (Sorry Mom, I know that’s a bad word.) You can’t quite see all the aminal bones and other cosmic debris the GG has strategically hung up in the interior of the vee-hickle.That’s probably a good thing. And, no, it doesn’t have airbags. Anyway, her flight, which was listed as “on time” when she checked “last night,” (meaning a few hours before we left for the airport), ended up being delayed enough that she would miss her connecting flight out of O’Hare, so she ended up on a later one and then missed *another* connecting flight by something like two minutes. But they were able to put her on a 10 o’clock (CST) flight and she called me at around 4:30 (EST, 1:30 PST) to report a safe arrival. From there, she was going to catch the BART and eventually go in to work this afternoon. Whooof! Are you tired yet? And so it goes when you are traveling through the great white north during the winter holiday season. It could have been a lot worse. I just breathed a sigh of relief when I got the “I’m in San Francisco” call. I may be able to do something to help with wet, ice cold feet but all I could say when she called (at 6:30 AM) to say her flight was delayed was something lame like, “go get some breakfast” and then I felt guilty because I hadn’t slipped her any cash this morning. Of course, that would’ve been a little hard to do, since I didn’t *have* any cash this morning! My girl was fine. She’s much more organized than me. And a lot calmer. No tears or obvious anxiety. Just go with the flow. Although, when I think about it, as scared as I am of flying, somehow I tend to be very calm when I’m actually dealing with airports and planes, etc. Go figure.

Me, I went to work. I dunno, I think I love it! 🙂 What *was* I waiting for?

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  1. Webmomster Says:

    YAY! Glad to hear Liz made it to Cali OK! In spite of the delays and all…made decent time after all.

    Glad also to hear you “think” you love work! You will have to fill me in with DETAILS (like, the name of the company and what you do!!) Love!!!!