Candlelight summer afternoon

For a long time after I started working a full-tilt-boogie career again, my grokkery shopping habits included a run out to the Jackson Rd. Meijer at 0-skunk-30 Saturday morning, *after* my 0-skunk-30 walk, (on the weekends we are actually here on the Planet Ann Arbor, that is) to pick up stuff that I either can’t get or don’t want to pay premium prices for at the Plum Market. You know, like toilet paper. I think I am starting a new habit, at least a temporary one, now that it is late summer on the Planet Ann Arbor and the farmer’s market is at or near its peak. This morning, instead of taking my regular 0-skunk-30 walk, I stuffed some plastic bags (and an umbrella) into my backpack and trekked down to the farmer’s market. And back up. The long hill back to the Landfill. Loaded down with a whole bunch of stuff in the backpack and a bag of corn besides. I didn’t need toilet paper and I can pick that kind of stuff at the Saline Rd. Meijer, which is on the way to work anyway. When I got back, I walked over to the Plum and back. Although I am sincerely trying to buy more local food, as tropical as it feels here this summer, the area farmers just cannot grow things like oranges and avocados and probably never will.

I know some of y’all (all 10 of you) are waiting with bated breath about the outcome of the chitchen design meeting. Well. I have not totally processed it yet, so y’all’ll hafta wait. Aside from that, it has rained nearly all day and we needed that and Pooh and the Marquis are scheduled to stop here for dinner on their journey from the yooperland back to St. Louie. Rrrrp. Well. They are here! Let the party begin. Light some candles! Yes, really. It is pretty dark here this afternoon. And below is about the most boring video on earth.

One Response to “Candlelight summer afternoon”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I can’t give up avocados either, or tangelos. Our seasons(like berries) were so short this year that I barely got any blueberries. The blackberries aren’t even ripe yet!! I want to hear about the kitchen!!