The energizer bunny goes on strike.

It’s Sunday and there was a lot of stuff I couldda/shouldda been doing but I guess my brain was rebooting or something because I was totally bored and unmotivated and trying hard not to care about that. I probably needed to sit and read a book or even take a nap or something. Like someone else around here did all *morning*, with That Device in his lap so people would think he was reading. Not. I don’t know why I can’t just take naps like most normal people do. The only place I can manage to muster up a nap is on the moominbeach and that is only when the weather is just right, sunny and windy and just cold enough that I need my polartech hoodie.

I think it was just one of those kind of brain reboot days. I have this big blob of things to do, most of which involve eradicating shambling mounds and evicting boggarts and there are so many shambling mounds and boggarts that I don’t know where to start. I know, I know. I am always whiiinnningggg about stuff like that. In truth, if you walk into my house, it doesn’t actually look all that bad. A little clutter here and there but we are not wending our way through big stacks of newspapers everywhere. Roomba can run without us moving a lot of furniture and stuff. But still. My goal is to not leave the beach urchins with a bunch of crappy old stuff to get rid of.

Anyway. Today I was sitting on the Green Couch watching all the dogs go by slugging around on the Internet. Why? I dunno. I was immobile. Duuuuhhh. Get off yer duff, KW! Fer kee-reist!

I finally twittered — to myself because I think my personal twitterverse was out having off-line fun today — to get off the dern Green Couch and do something productive. That took the form of hoofing it over to the Plum Market to throw money. And try to convince some flirtatious old geezer’s loverly old overweight dawg that I wasn’t gonna adopt him and take him into the grokkery store and buy him treats. I’ll leave that to your imagination. Dog and man were both walking. Give ’em credit! And then there was the old bike-riding geezer who took great delight in sneaking up behind me on the sidewalk and then ringing his bell. Yikes! Which way do I jump?

The Landfill Chitchen? Say what? We are renovating the crappy old Landfill chitchen? Really? Oh yeah. I guess I’m blocking our latest attempt at progress. All I have to say about it is that I am apparently from Venus and others are from somewhere else, Zephron III, maybe? Others? You ask. What others? Oh, well. *Those* others, of course. Oh, you know the ones. Those others who are not girls? You’ve heard of those, roight? They come from Zephron III. Or someplace.

All right! Reboot already, Kayak Woman!

4 Responses to “The energizer bunny goes on strike.”

  1. Kathy Farnell Says:

    I hope you took the whole day off. You need that every now and then.

  2. Tonya Says:

    “Rebooting” is a necessity of life. Period.

    As for your “chitchen…” It’s hard, I know. It helped me with my husband’s 3D design program so I could get a real feel of how it would look and work. The Pioneer Woman (great website) advised this from their lodge remodel: The main work-parts of a kitchen should form a triangle for best efficiency and ease — the stove/oven, sink, and refrigerator. I knew a gal who remodeled her smallish kitchen and insisted on having an island. Turned out the sink and the refrigerator were on opposite sides of the island which meant constantly having to walk around it. Big mistake. For me the most difficult part is the color schemes and materials. But it’s also the fun part — I assume you’ve been surfing the web for ideas? I’ve spent hours upon hours because I’m so visual that I have to SEE everything in context. There are so many choices that it boggles the mind. And with a remodel, the very WORST part is how long is your kitchen going to be a friggin’ unusable mess????

  3. Margaret Says:

    Reboot–such a perfect term!! OMG, T, my kitchen spaces do form a triangle. No wonder I love it so much, in spite of its whiteness. I can’t nap and have always wished I could.

  4. Pooh Says:

    Maybe you needed to reboot b/c of those guests who were so busy solving the world’s problems and “tinking” that they forgot to leave before a normal bedtime? Thank you for the wonderful dinner and chit-chat!! We got up later than planned, and decided to just get coffee and food at Starbucks and then get underway. Left A2 at about 9:00, got into STL at 5:00 (6:00 EDT).