Fly Honda Express

Not sure if it’s cheaper than flying Delta or whatever, or if the carbon footprint is less. But Delta doesn’t fly from The Planet Ann Arbor to Houghton Lake so we have to “fly” up the I75 SUV Speedway. Just remember that when you get to the West Branch area, you better slow down because it is cop city around there.

Yeah. Duuuuhh. One of the perks of *not* selling your soul to working for corporate America is that, if you want to go to Houghton Lake for the weekend (and of course y’all do, don’tcha know) you can actually drive up early on Friday morning, long before the weekend rush kicks in. You can even get off the I75 SUV Speedway and mosey along the back roads for a while if you want. You can stop for grokkeries at the Best Choice Market when you get to town and you will even have time for a hike or, if the weather is right, a bit of skiing or kayaking might be in order. Or, if you are really lazy (and there is *water* on the lake instead of ice), a motorboat ride. Cocktails and dinner and a faaarrrr down by the water or even crash out in front of the TV. We used to do all of that back in the day. The GG works what they call a “compressed” schedule, which is 10 hours a day four days a week, so he can take Friday off if he wants, although he often goes in anyway. But not if we were going to the Great White North for the weekend.

Nowadays? Well. Today, when I got to work, I think there were two vee-hickles in the parking lot besides mine. I guess a lot of people are on vacation but probably some of them just hadn’t gotten in yet. I am always early and I was earlier than usual today. Because… I spent the day busting my you-know-what getting v2 of my latest spec out the door. If you don’t know what a “spec” is, you don’t necessarily wanna know. This one is 218 pages of complicated explanations, tables, screenshots, flow diagrams, you name it. Three o’clock rolled around and my spec was out the door and I had worked more than my 40 this week and I was WASTED and my long-suffering, cat-herding boss just kind of waved and wished me a good weekend as I walked toward the door. He knows all too well, I’ll be back butt in seat on Monday. I texted the GG “out” and I was on my way home.

Earlier today, I had texted him some instructions:

Instructions. Don’t ack till I say to.
Leaving work @3. Need 15 mins to pack. Best if no one underfoot.
2 salads/grape leaves in frig. Get what else you want for dinner @plum.
1 sleeping bag in Ninja trunk.
You can now ack.

Now. I am the Chief Cook & Bottle Washer around the Landfill and it can be a little scary to hand over the reins to the GG. You never know. If you send him to the grokkery store, he might very well come home with ostrich jerky or something. Believe me, that stuff stinks. When I got home, he started hauling these big wrapped packages of meat out of the refrigimatator and I got a little panicky at first. “What *is* that?” Well. Lamb kebabs. With boneless chicken (I hope it’s boneless) for The Beautiful Gay (TBGay) aka The Mother Of The Bride (TMOTB). (She gets to wear that particular crown until about December or so. I decree.) And he had some salads and things too. Not bad!

And so. Bumpety-clunk up the I75 SUV Speedway. Not too bad for a Friday afternoon. One scary-looking rollover where it looked like some construction workers were actually holding the vee-hickle up off the ground until the EMTs could get there. We didn’t *see* the accident but there were no ambulances there or anywhere in sight. Then when I got off on the Houghton Lake exit, a cute little wee deer ran in front of me. I didn’t hit him but my gasp woke up the GG. He was so little, even my little Ninja would’ve creamed him. Alas, he was headed toward the Speedway. I hope he didn’t get hit.

Goooood night y’all. Have a good weekend. I’m gonna have to get one o’ them thar palm trees for the moomincabin! Dooya think The Commander will like it?

2 Responses to “Fly Honda Express”

  1. Margaret Says:

    A palm tree–no. I envy my husband’s more flexible schedule being self-employed, but I know there are drawbacks too. I just hate being on a strict bell schedule more and more as I get older. *sigh* Oh, well, I made that particular bed and now I must lie in it.

  2. l4827 Says:

    Enjoy’n the further northern part. Sunny and breezy (westerly). Those depressed schedules are nice …. 🙂 Picked a small handful off remaining berries yesterday……