11.76 3:24:19 3.45 939

Those are the statistics on my iPhone pedometer app from the hike I took with the Twinz of Terror this morning. We hiked the Mason Tract trail along the south branch of the Au Sable River. I love it there. Sometimes we do a Death Biathlon there, where we park our kayaks upstream, spot our vee-hickle downstream, hike the almost 12 miles to the kayaks, and kayak back to the vee-hickle. Today would’ve been a beautiful kayaking day but for various logistical reasons, we just hiked. We only hiked one way and The Beautiful Kathy picked us up and took us back to the Ninja.

We slugged around solving the problems of the universe all afternoon and then… We motivated! The Lord of Linden faaarrrred up the pontoon boat and we all headed to the tiki bar over at the Northshore Bar. People have been talking about these dern tiki bars all summer and I have never been to one until today. Was it fun? Yeah, especially when all the shouting started. [Just kidding.] We trundled back to the boat and discovered that the running lights weren’t working. It was just dusk and despite the lack of lights and a few little issues with the motor, the LOL got us home safely. I am kind of rediscovering the joy of motor boats this summer. For a few years, I was just plain snotty about them. “Well! I will just take my own little kayak!” I can certainly still kayak but motorboats are okay too.

There’s a little video from the Mason Tract below and there’s a little video from the tiki bar on Facebook and I have a whole lot more to say but I won’t bore you with my internal psychological workings for tonight. I’m living in the moment these days and I’ve had many many good moments this summer and sometimes I feel like talking about them on my blahg but I’m not sure I have the words, so maybe it’s best that I don’t. Yada yada blah-de blah-de. Good night. Kayak Woman.

One Response to “11.76 3:24:19 3.45 939”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like motorboats!! (but only if they run or if I don’t have to go to the bathroom) 🙂