An afternoon on the beach. A whole afternoon. It wasn’t particularly hot but it was mostly sunny. And windy. It rained for about three minutes here. Just a little catspaw. But I watched rainstorm after rainstorm after rainstorm cross Whitefish Bay. Michigan over into Ontario. It was beautiful. It was almost like watching a moooooooovie! It got to be 0-beer-30 and I got myself a beer, which I promptly spilled. And then the wind came up out of the west. It was sand-blasting me, so I decided that a change in coordinates was in order.

And some people may complain about the ubiquitousness (is that a word?) of the Internet and being plugged in all the time and yada yada blah blah blah. Well! Today, I was walking the beach and I was doodle-ooped by Elizilla, all the way from the left coast! “Moom, if you go to the Dancing Crane, will you get me some sweet grass soap?” Yes yes yes! In fact, I was there this morning and I am planning to go back. Not only do they have sweet grass soap, they have prints of some of Annie Hubbard’s work. Yes, I’ll get back out there. And I love being able to connect with my grown-up kids from wherever I am. Not that they tell me everything that’s going on or *should* tell me. Just communication without all the small talk and fol de rol involved in a phone call.

Last and least, I have posted a couple of stoopid little beach-type videos on facebook, so if you are on fb, go take a look.

Good night,
KW from the moomincabin (That Device on the loverly Edge network)

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I get a bit nervous if my kids can’t reach me, which is tricky to do in some parts of WA. (Anderson Island where we camp sometimes)