When gales of November come early

The little video below gives a taste of what greeted me when I walked down to the moominbeach at 0-skunk-30 this morning.

A huge wind came up just when we went to bed last night and continued all night and, this morning, our kayaks and the Courtois motor boat were missing and that orange kayak was there half submerged in sand and water. I located our kayaks pretty quickly and then I spotted the motorboat down the beach a way. I texted the GG that the motorboat was full of water, flung the kayaks up onto the bank, then headed down toward Paulette’s end of the beach. When I saw our wooden kayak paddle underneath a big piece of cosmic debris, I realized that I had totally forgotten about the paddles. Up a crick without a paddle? Yeah, KW you are a great kayaker. Or not. The wooden paddle was unscathed but where was the blue paddle? Nowhere to be seen. I kept walking, past more scattered kayaks (boy do we have a lot of those on this beach) and submerged boats of various description. Including Paulette’s green kayak. I took a picture of it and twittered. I didn’t see my blue paddle anywhere, so I turned around and went the other way. Waaaayyyyy down past Dennis’s house, I spotted something blue. It was my paddle! Bent and broken.

We left the motorboat for the time being, since it certainly wasn’t going anywhere. The Twinz of Terror went up to hike at Whitefish and The Commander and I took some stuff into town. Halfway in, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t seen any of our beach chairs anywhere.

Several reconnaissance missions later, the chairs remain missing. And Paulette’s red kayak. I’m not sure about the kayak but I think the chairs are submerged somewhere. I think the water dragged them out and covered them with sand. If it ever calms down again, maybe we’ll find them…

And so ends another loooovvverly day on the shores of Gitchee Gumee. The wind is still blowing a gale and the upbound lake freighters are lying low in Whitefish Bay.

2 Responses to “When gales of November come early”

  1. Jan Miller Says:

    I think one of your chairs is down by Maas’s or Piedmonts. We lost a set of rollers.

  2. Margaret Says:

    That must have been SOME WIND. I can hear how strong it is, but everything else looks normal, as in I can’t see any trees blowing around.