In which Gitchee Gumee slowly coughs up sandslodged beach chairs

I am dead tired tonight. That is just about all. Jan found another of our beach chairs today. Gitchee Gumee seems to be coughing them up one at a time. The chairs seem to be stuffed with sand. They are heavy but they are sittable. I sat with NPJane all afternoon in the hollow in front of the Old Cabin. It was sunny and beeyootyful and we drank a beer (or two) and watched a bunch of lake freighters and an eagle.

Jeep and Pan are still missing a set of boat rollers. Our northern correspondent Paulette is still missing a whole kayak!!! I have no more words tonight. Home tomorrow and butt in cube on Tuesday. Gooooood niiiiiight!

2 Responses to “In which Gitchee Gumee slowly coughs up sandslodged beach chairs”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m glad you’re getting your furniture back!!

  2. l4827 Says:

    So far–on our Shores of Gitchy Goomi, we have found campfire logs from neighbors, a yellow boat that was there one moment and gone the next, sand-drenched beach chairs (ours), and lost an American flag that has been ripped off its pole and flies somewhere else now (Kinross perhaps?). But more interesting than all of this is what we saw this morning on a stroll down our beach . . . one sailboat on is side about two cabins away from its owner, another sailboat to the right of our cabin whose mast was torn off and its chain and anchor were ripped out during the storm. The insurance adjuster is on their way. It was a blow two nights ago when we lost our electricity overnight just after very close and dear, sauced friends left.