That was me. Falling asleep, tumbling out of my chair, and hitting my head on the floor. In my beloved cube at work. Of course, that really didn’t happen (it almost did but I got myself some coffee) but it has been a rather slodgy week here on the loverly old Planet Ann Arbor. After months and months and months of going hucklety-buck on my current work prodject (intentionally misspelled), I have suddenly and rather unexpectedly hit a luuuullllllllll. Yes. I am between prodjects. Sort of. Dev isn’t bothering me about my current prodject (that’s actually a little eerie). And that long-suffering, cat-herding person, the one who occasionally makes a slight steering correction in order to keep me busy, is off hanging around with his family for Rosh Hashanah. Actually, I didn’t even get to have coffee with MMCB today because of the same holiday. Plus she’s packing for her latest globe-trotting expotition. Sydney, I think. Or is it Kuala Lumpur? Or is Kuala Lumpur next month? I cannot keep up with MMCB but she is my long-time coffee buddy and for some reason, she actually continues to hang out with meeeeee. Even though the extent of my travel is mostly up and down the I75 SUV Speedway to the Yooperland and back with an occasional flight to SanFran, where I’ve left my heart. Er, part of it anyway.

Anyway. I am a little bored. And when I get bored, I get restless. And sometimes a bit dangereuse. Either that or I start falling asleep in my chair. This time I’m doing the falling asleep thing. I go to work and I am not sure what to do next and I cannot stand being idle (the long-suffering, cat-herding person knows this) and I keep thinking I should be at home at the Landfill banishing boggarts and shoveling shambling mounds around. Or going off on expotitions to Haberman’s with Mouse. Except that Mouse spends sooooo much time in fabric stores that I would end up futzing with my phone or whatever. (I love you Mouse ;-))

This work boredom will be short-term. I think. Short term to me *may* mean a different thing to me than it does to the long-suffering, cat-herding person. I do know that we have a lot of complicated work ahead of us and I am trying to be proactive and make sense of some of the bits and pieces that are floating out there in that wide sargasso sea. Sooner or later, the long-suffering, cat-herding type person will return and grab the steering wheel and quarter us into the waves of our future work. Or, more likely, dev will drop the other shoe tomorrow and I’ll be busy with re-writes. Either way, I’ll be a happy camper.

Good night,

One Response to “Ka-bonk!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Dangereuse! You are very French. 🙂 I hate being bored too; I’m an antsy type who can’t relax very easily. (unless I have a good book to read)