It’s beer o’clock and the Tregurtha is downbound!

That was a text message I received in the middle of just about the slodgiest afternoon ever. I don’t know why we are so slow this week (well, actually I do but y’all would not understand it) but that long-suffering cat-herding person was telling an outhouse story this afternoon. Well. Do you want outhouse stories? *I* have outhouse stories! I didn’t tell any of my outhouse stories. I did not have the right kind of psychological energy to even begin to try to describe the moominbeach and the Old Cabin and two-holers and three-holers and vampires dripping with blood and our own loverly rocking outhouse (and I do NOT mean rock ‘n’ roll, The Commander hates rock ‘n’ roll). I mean, I’ve talked about the moominbeach before and people know I go up there a lot but I don’t think they really understand what it’s like there. You kind of have to experience it. That’s a lot like that long-suffering cat-herding person. He has to be experienced too. I cannot describe him. Oh well. I am not Dooce and this obscure little blahg will never earn even one red cent, so I better not blahg too much about my job.

That text message was from NPJane, whom I think I am going to rename “Hurricane Jane”, after last weekend’s big windstorm, which blew in a few hours after she did. I took that photoooo last Sunday afternoon, she was sitting in the little hollow in front of the Old Cabin drinking a beer. It was beer o’clock, don’tcha know. And I was sitting there with her. Also drinking a beer. And uploading photoooos to the internet, etc. We watched a lot of boats go by: the Joseph P. Cotton in particular kept going up and down. I don’t know a lot about what the weather is like up on the moominbeach today. The weather says high of 65 degrees. That’s not particularly warm, so NPJane is probably sitting in the hollow in front of the Old Cabin again.

Me? I am about to galumph to the downtown Planet Ann Arbor for cocktails and dinner with the GG and the Porters (of the Planet Ann Arbor and about a half mile away from the moominbeach). If I run across anything interesting down there, I’ll prob’ly tweet it and/or throw it out on facebook. If not, seeya all tomorrow. I am putting a pair of polartech socks in my backpack in case I need them on the way home. Yes, I am boring today! How ’bout y’all?


P.S. I *will* get in trouble with Mouseleen for calling myself “K-Dub”. I know that. I am taking a risk.

2 Responses to “It’s beer o’clock and the Tregurtha is downbound!”

  1. Paulette Says:

    Beautiful day here. Wish you were here, too. NPJane called it a beach day and enjoyed a kayak ride with Pan. And I? Why, work , of course. I did manage to get in a walk on the beach with the dogs. Sophia got into a featherless dead duck, so that meant she got a good scrubbing with ivory soap. It floats! And so did she….

  2. Margaret Says:

    We’re having about the same weather, but I have no lovely beach to go to. Hope the beer is good and the company delightful!!