Blue skies and silver linings?

blueskies.jpgSorry but I am just p#$%ed off today. About people who let their greed and personal issues allow them to forget that other people might be hurt by their actions and lack of thought for others.

Shoot. Life is always up and down and the trick is to flow with it. Today I am not flowing very well. I am just, well, you know, I said it above, upset with a few people. People that I do not know, not my relatives, friends, or co-workers. Or anyone involved with anywhere up in the Yoop. I was upset. But then, a couple of links came in from my cousin Mac, one o’ those boy cousins of the snake bites, that made me look up and think about some blue skies. I already sorta knew about rights to the beaches on the great lakes. What I wasn’t clear about was some of the riparian rights. We definitely have land on a navigable river so I think the right to walk the beach applies to us. I think I will print copies of that article and hand them out to everyone who wants to walk our beach. Especially our teenagers, who, I think, because of their association with our beach, tend to be less inclined toward delinquency than maybe some other teenagers are. Those who don’t have one o’ them thar villages to bring them up that the public schools seem to always keep shoving down our throats.

Thanks, Mac. Those links made my day. Mañana to everyone. It is raining pretty hard here. I love rain. I love snow too. But I am getting sick of dressing for it, shoveling it, and driving in it this winter. I will still never move south! Kee-reist, may life be better tomorrow.

4 Responses to “Blue skies and silver linings?”

  1. Sam Says:

    The “ordinary high water mark” crops up in laws all over the nation, along with those waterways determined to be “navigable,” as mentioned in your links. Both have implications not only for pedestrian passage, but for legalities/looting of archaeological features and artifacts (e.g., sunken vessels, human skeletons, stone tools).

  2. Sandy Says:

    You are welcome to come visit anytime. Our winters are quite pleasant. We do get rain, but lots of sunny days as well.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    visiting would be great! Maybe one of these days I’ll have some vacation time 🙂

  4. Webmomster Says:

    yeah, I’d rather move *north* than south. Here in the good ol’ SE Deeeeeee-troit suburbs, winter is a nuisance in the minds of enough people that THEY should move to Florida… whereas up North (and I mean THE TRUE North), Winter is a Way of Life.

    I miss Winter as Way of Life….. :’-(