And I don’t even *own* a pair of railroad pajamas.

moom.jpgOkay. Steady as she goes…

Umpteen million years ago when Lizard Breath referred to birds as “duck”, dogs as “woof”, and crocodiles as something like “khoup” accompanied by a hand motion imitating big jaws clamping shut, we went to Florida. Grandpa Garth and Grandma Sally had just sold their house in Royal Oak and they headed down to take up permanent residence in their Florida condo. Er, except for summers when they stayed in the cabin at Houghton Lake. Anyway, the three of us (no Mouse yet) plus a certain beloved Aunt Suzie of beautiful red hair packed into our then-new VW Jetta and followed them down. And even ran into them a few times during the trip. I don’t mean we crashed cars, just met them for breakfast or whatever. Yeah, I know you knew that.

One day while we were down there, it was raining cats and dogs, er, woofs and meows. I was in an absolutely horrible mood. Totally down in the dumps. No logical reason for it, yet nothing could shake it. We were walking around at the Sarasota Jungle Gardens. Really, it was a beautiful day. A nice soft, warm rain. Just the kind of day I normally like. And the Jungle Gardens is a beautiful place. Birds and aminals everywhere but uncrowded, without the ultra charged up carnival atmosphere of Disney World, et al. There was this biorhythm machine. One of those gimmicky things where you put in your quarter (or two or whatever) and tell it your birthdate and it gives you a printout of your “cycles” for some period of time, including the current day. Physical, intellectual, and emotional cycles or some such rot. I am a pretty extreme skeptic about stuff like that and I was not enthused about spending 50 cents or whatever to get some computer’s idea about my blasted biorhythms or whatever. But I was talked into it. Lo and behold! All three of my biorhythm cycles were at rock bottom zero for that date! Who knew? I still don’t believe in stuff like that but somehow the total ridiculousness of the whole thing started my mood spiraling back upward. Slowly, if I remember right. But surely. Or maybe it was just that my blasted biorhythms were all starting to head back upward.

I’m flowing a bit better today. It was touch and go for a while. I was so angry that I couldn’t think! And it was a long day with a full day of work and then straight to class tonight. A call from California this afternoon was the turning point. I’m still angry but I have managed to stuff my anger into a compartment, which is where it should be by now, so I can actively (and hopefully calmly) try to contribute to a solution.

Credit to Judith Viorst for one of my favorite children’s books (but not necessarily one of my kids’ favorites ;-)) Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Credit to Elizilla for the picture. An ugly but somehow I like it. I guess I yam who I yam. Actually, on a second glance, I look a bit like Grandroobly there. Usually I look more like a MacMu in pics. It’s still an ugly and I still don’t care.

Oh yeah, re the north/south weather type convo in yesterday’s comments. Webmomster, if ya want a TRUE NORTHERN lifestyle, check out the Nunavut bloggers for FAR NORTHERN life. This is a sort of conglomerate blog but if you scroll down for a while, links to individual blogs are on the right sidebar. I am absolutely fascinated by this kind of lifestyle and the amazing people who have made the Arctic their home. Could I do it? Hmmm. I bet I’d have a great time for about three weeks. In the end, the kicker would probably be the iffy water supply. I’m a Great Lakes Gal and I love my showers!

Kayak Woman, whose [blasted] biorhythms are apparently on the upswing!!!

3 Responses to “And I don’t even *own* a pair of railroad pajamas.”

  1. Sam Says:

    Loved the Nunavut blogs! And their pictures, of course! Thanks for the link!

    Sorry about your biorhythms. I, too, tend to be suspect about such things, but then I see the timing (both lows and highs) match my internal assessment of my “mood,” and I wonder…. (Data, you know!)

  2. Pooh Says:

    I too am a fan of “Alexander’s Horrible … Day”. Subbed for 7th grade today, so fit right in the mood of the title. Wonder if the biorhythm charts have higher frequencies and amplitudes if your birthday was 13-15 years ago? Definitely an age of drama and emotion! Maybe I should get a pair of railroad PJ’s to put on after a H,NG, VB, T day!

  3. kayak woman Says:

    yeah, let’s all go out and get railroad pajamas!