So, Stefanie, I’ll be there on Thursday after work. Will you?

Or… not. I had good intentions. But by the time I got to the newly opened upscale grocery store Plum Market tonight, I could not handle the parking lot. Kee-reist. It’s a lot that I have been parking in for almost 30 years now! Back when Minifab was there I’d frequently go there a couple times in a day. (I miss Minifab.) Today, I could not do it. At every turn, I thought I would get hit. I did get a picture. Or two.


It took me an hour to get home last night. I already wrote about that. Then I spent almost an hour going to work this morning. I left 15 minutes early. I knew it would be a little messy and I don’t like to take the freeway when it’s like that because there are too many crazies out there and if there’s an accident, you are just plain stuck! Well, it was messy on the surface streets but it wasn’t terrible and no precipitation. But. I sat through every red light on earth, and actually ran a red light turning left from Scio Church to that street over there behind Target. I was stuck behind someone going 20 mph f-o-r-e-v-e-r. It wasn’t *that* bad out there and he (?) had a blasted minivan, fer kee-reist. *Finally* he (?) turned off of my route. But as I turned onto South State at Ellsworth, I almost immediately found myself in a dead stop. What on earth could it be? We inched along. A young punk with Florida plates tried an intrepid move to pass everyone and make a left turn into where Fedex lives (and a whole bunch of other stuff). He spun out. Fortunately he didn’t hit me anyone or the semi that was waiting to come *out* onto the street he was trying to go into. Those semi guys were just cracking up. Me, not so much. 20 minutes later or so, I found out that there had been an accident at the stoplight right outside the business park where my work is. It didn’t look too serious but vee-hickles had to be towed and one lane was blocked so we were being funneled through one lane at a time.

Getting home this afternoon was as easy as it gets but, with the new store, the sleepy old Maple Village parking lot was a zoo. So I took a picture and left. And when I took the picture I didn’t realize that I was taking pics of a Mercedes Benz (right?) and a Volvo. Sheesh. If I have to shop with the bleached-blonde botox crowd, I think I will die. Or vomit or whatever. Which wouldn’t be a good thing because I’d probably get kicked out of the store. Hmm, maybe Stefanie was right.

Oh, yeah. I took a second picture. It’s in the same shopping center. Even before Christmas, the Big KMart lot looked like this. That is empty. It was like that even before Christmas. Drr, yeah, I said that already. I’ve never been a big KMart fan and we won’t go into that now but it used to be hard to find a place to park there. I guess *I* could’ve parked there. But I could’ve *walked* too. I’ll guess that my house and KMart are about equidistant from Plum Market. And you know. I *could* walk there. When I shop at “upscale” grokkery stores, I usually buy around two big bags of food or less. Usually less. I could definitely walk home with that. It’d be about like walking out to the netherlands of any of the Meijer parking lots.

3 Responses to “So, Stefanie, I’ll be there on Thursday after work. Will you?”

  1. Maquis Says:

    I Googled Plum Market. They have two stores, Bloomfield and now A2. Sounds like a local chain.

  2. joanny Says:


    Being a truck driver myself, and spending the entire winter driving through blizzards, ( mostly hauling UPS around ) I will say this; yes, we truck drivers are easily amused by “4 wheelers” who spin out their tires and smashing up their usually expensive vehicles. We see it almost every day.

    Advice: Do NOT pull out or cut in front of a truck on ice or slam to a stop in front of a big truck on any icy road, especially a highway! At 55 mph, it takes the length of a football field to bring my tuck to a stop, on a dry road. I’m driving 60 mph in Michigan, and faster than that in some other states.

    Just yesterday as I was driving on highway 70 in Illinois. 12 big trucks were blown into the ditch from high winds the night before. Tornadoes. I take pictures when I can of accidents. We were almost blown into the ditch the week before in Arkansas. Our trailer came around behind us and I felt the truck lift up, then the truck behind us got caught in the same gust and went into the median. Within a half an hour, 3 more were blow int the median. The day I came home for Courtois Xmas, I counted over 70 4 wheelers and 7 trucks off the road just between Des Moines and the Mississippi River. I averaged 35 mph alll the way to Toledo.

    So, when we see 4 wheelers who do not know how to drive on icy roads we wonder why the heck they are out there, and when we see the big dummys fly by us on the highway we place bets on how far up the road we will see them in a ditch, and we see them spin out. Really, it sounds sad. Recently in Cleveland, a little sporty convertable,
    ( red, of course ) top down, with a poofy blonde date, drove around us, illegally, jammed on the gas, spun out, flipped over 3 times, over the barrier into the oncomming traffic side, and just looked stunned. Needless to say his date was screaming at him. They were lucky to be alive. She was screaming obscenities at him and I don’t blame her one bit. Explain that to the insurance adjusters. The seat belts worked. Oncomming traffic was nice enough to stop. We waved, and kept on truck’in.

    Right now I am stuck at a hotel in Eagle Pass, Texas. I have been stuck here since sun up, and I will be here until morning. Tomorrow we will go to Laredo, then Mc Allen. And let me tell ya, ya ain’t seen noth’in until you have had other big trucks driven by big filthy crazy mexicans driving up around curbs around you, their truck is dangerous and not up to US standards for equipment, honking because they are impatient. They keep stealing tires and airline seals off our trailers. The 4 wheelers down here aren’t much better…. without any snow….

    I wish I had a job near home.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Marquis: The Plum Market folks are from the same family as Merchant of Vino. Not sure if y’all remember that place or not. It was over in the suburbs but they had a store over on Plymouth Rd. for a while. That was after you moved to St. Louis. I hope this store is successful. It sure is convenient.

    And yeah. Y’all, when it snows, slow down, fer kee-reist!