cart.jpgI dunno what to say about today. I’m still processing it. Not that anything momentous happened. I just feel a change in the general flow of things. Birthday greetings to: NP Jane (beloved cousin, today, right? or not… the 13th.), Liz (beloved sister-in-law, yesterday!)

A talk with The Commander tonight revealed that a Fin family G3 first cousin once removed died last week. George Hill. He was the adopted son of my great-aunt Alice and her husband Alec, who had a farm in the Dafter area of the Yoop. They were unable to have biological children for reasons that I don’t know and probably wouldn’t publicize if I did. George was the son of Alec’s brother, whose wife died in childbirth. Stuff like that happened a lot more in those days. Alec and Alice adopted George and he grew up and married Anna and they had three children. George was a popular guy and a favorite fan of the LSSU women’s basketball team and was an occasional visitor to the beach. And we will miss him.

Tomorrow? I hope the weather allows us to attend Bluegrass Breakfast over in Kalamazoo!

Still haven’t been to the Plum Market. Soon, but more important tasks prevail.

4 Responses to “igmtobwsdbihiis”

  1. Jay Says:

    Er.. NP was born on a Friday the 13th, and I don’t think it’s the day of the week that stays the same from year to year

  2. kayak woman Says:

    rerg. not sure how i got that wrong…

  3. jane Says:

    to clarify, I was not born on a Friday the 13th. it was a Tuesday. 😉

    and Banana – don’t worry about getting the date wrong, I am terrible at remembering others b-days – if I can even get the month right it’s a victory.

  4. mouse Says:

    i looooove you!! when i’m back at the cybercafé later (finishing a project, not wasting time…) i’ll text you again. and, if at that point you are not busy having a life, you should sign onto skype and tell me about the apartments. i imagine that you’re driving at the moment?? yes. at least e-mail me though and tell which street was your favorite.