Hey, who let Stormy Kromer into the upscale grocery store?

skroner.jpgRoadtrip! Across to the west side of southern Michigan and back. It did not look good for traveling this morning. I shoveled the snow we got overnight and salted the heck out of the sidewalk. The I pulled the Cute Little Blue Honda Civic with the Yellow Flower in the Blower out into the street. And. If I’d’ve been going any faster, I’d’ve smashed it into the Indefatigable. Yeah. It was slippery. Of course, the Planet Ann Arbor City Council, in its infinite wisdom, is great at ticketing upstanding citizens for not shoveling the ends of their sidewalks but can they manage to plow? Not in my neighborhood, apparently. It’ll be great when all of this slush freezes. Anyway, the I94 18-wheel Clogway (love those truckers anyway!) turned out to be pretty darn good indeed and we made it over to Kalamazoo and then up to Cooper for the Cooper Cafe Saturday Bluegrass Breakfast. We completed our errand in kzoo, where I managed to exit the unisex bathroom in that downscale Shell station only to figure out that my skirt was all tucked up inside my tights. I *think* I managed to untuck it before anyone saw. If not, I don’t really care. I don’t know why I view unisex bathrooms as dirty (well, maybe I do). I’ve also been in *many* absolutely filthy women’s bathrooms. But I’m spoiled here with the Blue and Only Bathroom that I personally clean every morning and my workplace seems to have an always spotless bathroom too. How did I get off on bathrooms anyway? So, we took off toward the planet again on the back roads via the Fort Custer National Cemetery, where we waved hello to Charlotte and Jerry from the street because a few inches of snow covered all of the grave markers. A tour of downtown Battle Creek and then back on the I94 18-wheel Clogway and home. And I dunno who let Stormy Kromer into the Plum Market but there he is, big as life, perusing the high-end chocolate. I’ll have to go back for the $19.95 raspberry salmon chipotle filets though because SK wants to head out to Knight’s tonight. Click here or on Stormy Kromer for a slideshow of our trip through the dirty slush that covers the Great Lake State in February. And I gotta go now because we have a reservation, so if there are typos or other weirdness, y’all will just have to deal. I’ll fix ’em later!

3 Responses to “Hey, who let Stormy Kromer into the upscale grocery store?”

  1. isa Says:

    i think i’m experiencing a bout of nostalgia… were those bell’s kegs? bluegrass breakfast is definitely in the top 5 best things about kalamazoo.

  2. Sam Says:

    Yea! for successful trip! Yea! for fun store visit! Total: not bad for a wintery Saturday!

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