North of 10, minus three

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It started out at about ten above. It was about, I dunno 6:40 AM. I got up a little late today. I definitely dove for the balaclava but considered leaving my purple snowpants behind. And then reconsidered. Good thing. The wind was whipping around pretty good. Not enough to make me wake up at night. But enough that a pair of DKNY tights and those cotton spandex leggings that all the kids love to hate would not have been sufficient. Things went downhill from there and, by the time I got breakfast and chores out of the way and took off for the grokkery store, it was downright COLD out there! And got colder and colder and colder and by the *next* time I ventured out (to the post office this time), it was below zero. I dunno. I did a *lot* today and some of it was pretty dern niggly and some of it involved phone calls to friends begging favors. And I hate the begging favors part but it was great to have a little phone girl talk for once. I don’t do that very often. But I also felt a bit cabin feverish, like I had *sat* a bit too much for my liking. I love cuddling up with my MacBook next to the front window but this was just a little overboard. And I won’t even say where the GG spent most of his rather sedentary inside day because, well, just because. Hmm, come to think of it, there weren’t even a lot of dog-walkers going by my window today. Anyway, I had completed my post office mission and the Dirty Old Green Honda was all warmed up so I called (safely from a dead stop at the longest traffic light on earth) the GG and said something like, “the car’s warm, getcher boots on and hop in for a little river ride.” And so we did. He needed to be dragged out. It was the right thing to do and we saw all kinds of beautifulness like you can see in the above pics. You can’t really see all the deer in those pics. They were *everywhere*. Right next to the road a lot of times but I wasn’t usually quick enough to get them there.

It was a slow day but not because we ended up being at Knight’s last night until 11 or whatever. We were almost finished eating and paying the bill et al and we were ready to go home and who showed up but our friends the Porters, who are also from Ann Arbor and Birch Point Beach. So we hung out with them. And no we weren’t drinkin’ that whole time. One and a half each. Yes, Yul can make half ‘hattans. Way fun. I needed some company last night. I dunno why. Some days are just like that. Except, when you go to Knight’s and you hang out at the bar before your reservation comes up, you always run into somebody or other. Stormy Kromer passed muster for wearing his hat into Knight’s on the basis of being an owner of property north of US10. Even though he is a long time denizen of the planet Ann Arbor. So, there ya go. Once again, I am not making sense, so g’night y’all.

3 Responses to “North of 10, minus three”

  1. isa Says:

    mid-60s and sunny today in the east bay.

  2. isa Says:

    btw you got the paragraphs right… why are the ‘s showing? just curious…

  3. l4827 Says:

    WAYFUN 4US2! Finally made it to Plum Market; bought some . . . plums.