Letter from Triple A

Your policy is changed as follows:

Changes to your 01 Hond 4D ACC EX (vee-hickle ID or whatever follows)

Titleholder changed (item 1)
Lienholder added: American Honda Fin
There are no changes in premium amount for this vee-hickle

Say what? What this wonderful little piece of mail says is that Triple A thinks that we have a loan on the [Beloved] Dirty Old Green Honda Accord. Roight. Folks, we bought the [B]Dogha in 2001 (!!!!) fer Kee-reist. Yes, it was new when we bought it. It is a 2001 vee-hickle. We borrowed money to buy it. *I* think we actually borrowed the money from Honda Finance. *Other* people think it was National City. But that was almost seven years ago!!! I have to admit, I don’t really remember. And I don’t really care (at least I didn’t until now). Because we paid the dern thing off completely, oh, in about 2003 or so, maybe early 2004 (document found, bwa ha ha, it WAS Honda Finance, I was right! Snark snark snark). The [B]Dogha has (count ’em) 110,000 miles on it now!!! The cost of each of the last two scheduled maintenance visits just about required a loan and for just a minute when I received this little bit of mail, I wondered, “how did the GG pay for those brakes and tires, et al?” But we did definitely manage our own financing for those repairs and it was certainly not from Honda Finance. Kee-reist, do I *really* have to go and dredge up all that paperwork and (worse) locate documentation about when we paid the dern thing off? I’m taaaarrrd and I don’t really wanna do that, so I hope that Triple A will tell us that it’s just some sort of weird computer error. Like last year, when they changed the principal driver on the [B]Dogha. Who did they change it to? They changed it to Lizard Breath, a person with a California driver’s license. You’d have to have some pretty long arms to be in Cali and be driving a vee-hickle around the Planet Ann Arbor. Anyway, she’s driving Maggie out there. I would like to know: is a person or a computer responsible for making these spurious changes to our policy? Folks, at the moment, there are two people living here in the blasted Landfill. There are three vee-hickles, er, maybe two and a half might describe it more accurately. All vee-hickles and any parts thereof are paid for outright and the two of us share. Sometimes we even share nicely. FIX IT!!!

P.S. I have made my own mistakes with Triple A. Several times I have managed to forget to pay the bill or lose it or whatever. I am sorry. But I am good for the money and I am always embarrassed when this happens and I just sheepishly pay up.

5 Responses to “Letter from Triple A”

  1. isa Says:

    and tonight i am driving a ford f-150 with a u-haul style paint job.

  2. isa Says:

    p.s. ick!!!!!

  3. kayak woman Says:

    say what?!!

  4. Maquis Says:

    isa I can just see you in a Ford commercial. How about the one that involves the truck being spun about in a centrifuge?

  5. Webmomster Says:

    yeah, I loved the one where GMAC (my auto insurer) decided several years ago to CHANGE all their clients’ policy numbers (arbitrarily). I kinda remembered some communication about the change, but didn’t think about it until I went to pay online (from the Commander’s house) and discovered I could NOT log in using the policy number on my Proof of Insurance (no, they did NOT issue new PoI certificates with the policy # change – dummies) and thought I’d deal with it later….well, duhhhh, I *forgot* and it lapsed… THEN I realized the reason I couldn’t PAY the dang premium! Geez, GMAC (now known as MIC), the least ya coulda done was issue up-to-date PoI Certs so I’d be referencing the correct friggin’ information!!!!