It’s Winter and this is Michigan, number 5038.6778 times the square root of 127.38

blind.jpgYeah. Dontcha all wish you lived in the Great Lake State? Lemme see a show of hands! Yay for Michigan! We rock when it comes to winter!

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s super Tuesday for me. I work all day and then audit a php class at night. But I didn’t go to class tonight. It took me absolutely forever, once I got on to the major street next to the office park where my work is, to get to where I could turn off. Planet Ann Arbor folks, I have to drive up South State (2 lanes) to Ellsworth Road. About two days a week it is a parking lot even without snow. Today there was snow.

It took me a pretty long time to get home but mostly it wasn’t a problem. That pic shows that for a while there was some stoopid high-end SUV behind me that blinded me from using my left mirror. NP Jane just *loves* those dern things.

I got home and shoveled and salted. We’ll have to shovel again. I dunno. It’s winter and this is Michigan. So often, the media gets all hyped up and says we’re gonna get umpteen million inches of snow and we get diddly. Today they predicted 1-3 inches and were wrong the other way. Definitely. I have already shoveled about five inches. Life will go on.

Gotta update just to say tonight reminds me of when the beach urchins were in elementary school or thereabouts and Hans’s grandchildren were living next door and we’d get snow like this and they’d all sled down Hans’s “hill” into the late hours of the evening. And then cuddle cozily into their nice, warm beds here on the planet, home and safe. My own children, tired and cold. Schoolnight be damned! G’night!

4 Responses to “It’s Winter and this is Michigan, number 5038.6778 times the square root of 127.38”

  1. Maquis Says:

    It will be a balmy 14 tomorrow morning.

  2. Gg Says:


  3. jane Says:

    I was over at the new Borders store yesterday doing some last minute urgent request thingy for a VP. (I believe it is now officially too late for any last minute requests. 😉 Then headed back to work around 5:00. so I was also trying to traverse the State/Ellsworth intersection – what a nightmare! it took me 30 solid minutes to get from that intersection to my office, which is probably a bit less than a mile. Then I worked until 7:30ish and went home – hardly any traffic out, so it wasn’t a problem at that point.

    but it was pretty, fluffy snow! it sure beats rain in my book.

  4. Webmomster Says:

    I love snow, I love February (unlike many folks), and I actually enjoy DRIVING in snow…..however, *commuting* is a whole ‘nother story.

    I HATE commuting with every atom of my being (and those of a few others, to boot….). Add to it the fact that this 30-mile one-way (yes, 60 miles R/T) was foisted on me (even longer for those living Bridgeport, Saginaw, Bay City) with the words “sorry it’s a hardship”. I.e., bend over, take it, and remember to say “Thank You”.

    …yeah, I’m burnt out.