We need s’more glahggers aroun’ here. Grok grok grok!


3 Responses to “We need s’more glahggers aroun’ here. Grok grok grok!”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Froggy??? It’s official. I *did* fall off the face of this good Earth. Been orbiting Plutoid on Buoy 22 trying to find my mind and have yet to succeed… If you find it on your wanderings (in or out of your laundry basket), take it over to the Plutoid “Lost & Found”. I’ll try to remember to pick it up on the return trajectory.

  2. Maquis Says:

    I can’t just lurk on your’s?

    Here’s one of my favorite blogs, drunkcyclist.com

    Cycling, Politics, et al. Go figure …

  3. Green Guy Says:

    Froggy! I can see that Hollywood is missing a great talent. What sort of a puter is a green one, an Alienware one designed to blow the opposition away maybe. Glahging in the heartland of the great Bushie could be very hazardous, after all every mobile abode in the land of Chippewa has a tattered W in 04 sign in the yard next to the four wheel drive pickup truck. Long live King George, long live the neo-con empire.