Stop and climb. It’s still a dime dollar.

I wasn’t really very far off the grid. I could’ve walked over to the Green Guy Cafe to bask in the wonderful world of wi-fi. But it was cold and windy and rainy and dark and the beautiful midsummer evenings of blahgging in the brilliant evening sunshine with a glass of whine at my side were just a memory. I tried to make do with the Edge network and whatever sniggly little couple of bars AT&T felt like doling out. That is, when my phone wasn’t s-e-a-r-c-h-i-n-g for service or doodle-ooping me over into Cananananada. No I do NOT want to pay $139879823 a minute for data service!

So, what did we do this weekend? It was a pretty eventful weekend. Your favo-rite blahgger endeared herself (or not) to Homeland Security at the Soo Locks by promising that she would not use her umbrella as a weapon. The poor, beleaguered security person was only asking if she had any knives or guns (no) and probably hadn’t even thought of KW’s umbrella as a weapon and she gained entry without any ado. It was 7:30 AM, there were *no* other touristas in the park at that time, and I suppose the guard thought she was just a klutzy old bag. But it was a pretty stupid thing to say to Homeland Security and it took a while (and a lot of hopping) before KW could manage to extricate her foot from her mouth.

The photooooo? Is one of a series of ponds down by the Castle Rock section of the North Country Trail. The NCT folks were camped down there for the week working on trail maintenance so we got up early today, fortified ourselves with some loooovvvverly burned pop-tarts from the GG’s camping stash and headed down there to hike. We did 9-1/2 miles on very hilly terrain. Lots of steep slopes but thankfully not vertigo-inducing in the same way as the hill between the yarn stores. Back to the cabin to close it up for the winter and eventually in to town for dinner with The Commander, who is at this very minute sitting in front of the fire watching The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in Swedish with subtitles on the GG’s iPad.

That is about all. I am feeling that good fuzzy-around-the-edges kind of tired tonight. G’night. -KW

2 Responses to “Stop and climb. It’s still a dime dollar.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a wonderful weekend; I’m glad that you will behave yourself with your umbrella. You remind me of Amelia Peabody in the delightful mystery series by Elizabeth Peters. I still need to see that movie; I’ve heard it’s fabulous. I loved the books, especially number two!

  2. laurie Says:

    sorry i’ve missed to many of your great posts. sounds like you’ve been having a lovely time—i remember crossing into canada once for lunch (i’d been doing a story in international falls) and on the way back the border guard got suspicious when he asked how long we’d been in canada and i said, “two hours.” they tore our car apart, fortunately did not find the cuban cigars that were sitting right there in the open on the console in a flat brown paper sack.