I don’t fall in!

And I didn’t. I grew up on the Great Lake they call Gitchee Gumee and I can swim, although nowadays swimming there for me mostly means walking out until the water is up to my neck and hanging out there in the Greatest Air Conditioner On Earth (aka L. Superior) until I am cool enough to get out of the water and sit on the beach to dry off and get hot again. Occasionally some body surfing if the waves are big enough. Anyway, I can swim, but I am always a little leery when I am on a pier or a dock or whatever and there is deep water right next to it. Like there is in this pic. I know that I am not going to walk over there and jump in and that nobody is going to come along and push me in. It still makes me a little nervous. Like what if I tripped and fell in. A little bit of vertigo…

But of course I didn’t jump. Yesterday, I posted a little “goodbye summer 2010” video on facebook. I took it with my iPhone. It was cold and windy and we had just closed up the cabin and, after that, we headed into the beeyootiful city of Soo Ste. Siberia to be with The Commander for our last night up there. This morning dawned sunny, if not exactly warm. We (of course) managed to leave a few of our belongings (cell phone chargers be damned!) out at the moominbeach yesterday and I drove out there early today to retrieve them and drop off some clean sheets and towels and walk the beach, of course. Yesterday it was warm enough that I could walk in the water in my bare feet. This morning, not so much. Sandals and polartech socks, thank you very much.

And so… We drove back down to the Landfill here on the Planet Ann Arbor today, stopping to fix the Houghton Lake webcam and visit with The Beautiful Kathy on the way. I can just about count 100% that The Planet Ann Arbor will have more warm, “Indian Summer” style weather. Not quite as sure about Sault Ste. Siberia and the moominbeach but I have been up there when the weather was warm late in the year, so you never really know.

Happy Birthday Don Courtois!!! We all (me, the GG, and Mouse) just walked out the back door and yelled that to you. We love you. If you can find The Engineer, he’ll prob’ly give you a ride on the Edmund Fitzgerald!

2 Responses to “I don’t fall in!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have vertigo too and can always imagine myself falling in. I get dizzy too, do you? Our weather has been changeable too, such is fall. Today it’s gray, but warmish(70) and humid. Ugh.

  2. Sam Says:

    Grand Marais pier? (in photo)