snowgrass.jpg7:00 was what my iPhone proclaimed when I first looked at it this morning. I *rarely* wake up as late as that. I may not always drag myself out of the rack until about seven on Houghton Lake weekends but I am usually awake before then. It was starting to get light already. I was not off to a good start. I put my snowpants and my balaclava on and took my walk and that felt pretty good but when I got back, all I wanted to do was sit around and eat bacon in front of my macbook. I wasn’t sick. And the coupla ‘hattans I had last night were not enough to knock me down. I actually felt just fine. We came up here specifically to go x-c skiing. This has been a long, decent ski season for once but we haven’t been able to get up here since mid-December. Or I haven’t been able to anyway. I remember feeling guilty that weekend about not being at home shopping for Christmas, etc. As it turned out, it was a *good* thing I was up here then because I didn’t manage to make it again until now. But I had a devil of a time dragging myself out today. Not good.

So. What Would Uber Kayak Woman Do? I’m not sure what UKW is doing this weekend. If she isn’t having to hit the books too hard, I will bet she was out playing the mbira until about 3 AM last night. And maybe having a little whine too. And I will also venture a guess that she was out skiing today. And I don’t mean shuffling around a groomed x-c trail with a few little wimpy hills on it like what we did today. UKW is a back country avalanche skiing kind of woman! We do some of the same categories of things but I cannot keep up with her in most of them! And that’s okay, I love her anyway! Being with her makes me push my safe little envelope just a bit further.

Anyhoo, I did drag myself out and although I wasn’t the quickest shuffler in the tracks today, the snow was pretty darn good and plentiful and the temperatures were nice and after about, I dunno, 13K of skiing or so, I felt pretty darn good. Which I wouldn’t have if I had let myself sit around eating bacon in front of my Macbook all day like I wanted to. But after skiing, I did feel okay about slugging around with my computer for the rest of the afternoon. Without bacon. Life is okay here in the great white north. There’s a fire in the fireplace and candles are lit and Prairie Home is on and I’ve had a second shower (because I can) and I’m doing a load of laundry (because I can) and the sunset was gorgeous and the GG cleaned out his email box. And snow-mos are going by on the ice in front of us. What’re y’all doing this weekend? I think Lizard Breath is going to the beach.

4 Responses to “WWUKWD?”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Tried new breakfast/lunch restaurant in Dixboro, went to Plum Market for juice–ended up with more, went to Kmart for paper towels–ended up with more, went thru our own dirty laundry (two loads), did computer time, now deciding how/where we will eat tonight. Maybe eliptical tomaorrow?! 🙂

  2. Maquis Says:

    Pooh did 16k or 10 miles today on bike.

  3. Jay Says:

    I went on an 11 mile walk this morning, just picked up Ashlan at the train-bus station and have a soccer game tomorrow night. Need to fit taxes in somewhere.

  4. Valdemort Says:

    Slept in (!!) and worked on my sed/strat well plot lab all day today and right up until about a half an hour ago. Tomorrow I will finish my sed/strat lab and type up my petro and plate tec lab reports as well.

    Still waiting for the ice to melt — first day it’s gone, I’m out for as long a run as I can possibly go. There’s two inches of ice on most of the sidewalks here and the state’s out of salt, which has been hindering my efforts. Freezing rain is supposed to hit tonight, then the temp’s going back down so we’ll see what happens this week. I miss skiing!!!!