“All trails are in excellent condition.”

icehair.jpgSo says my daily email from the ski ranch. Bob, we love you but who the heck are you trying to fool?

It’s a grainy photo booth pic in horrible lighting conditions so you can’t really see that my hair is totally caked with ice. So much for my usual early morning walk over to the second bridge and back. I got halfway, that’s down to the end of the point. Or point of the point I guess, given my inability to find a burned down cabin a couple years ago because I didn’t apparently have a full grasp of the terminology surrounding points and peninsulas. Even though I live in a peninsular state.

Anyway, I knew something was up when I got up this morning and couldn’t see the lights on the other side of the lake. I walked out and there was a crust of ice all over everything. What was coming out of the ski sky was wet. Like rain. Except that it was freezing on contact. Walking *to* the point wasn’t too bad. The road was tolerable for walking albeit only because there was still quite a bit of snow residue under the ice. The wind was at my back and so was most of the precipitation. Then I turned around. And really that is about all I want to say about that.

I was looking for another burned down cabin today. This time I had an address and the owner’s name. We don’t really know most of the neighbors here. We aren’t unfriendly with anyone or anything. It’s just a different dynamic than we have on Fin Family Moominbeach. The cabins are a lot closer together in most cases and one of the ways we all maintain our privacy is to not feel obligated to stop and gossip every single last time we encounter a neighbor outside. But I’ve walked by this cabin umpteen million times and the owners had their names on a prominent sign out by the road. So it was familiar. Except I couldn’t find it this morning. The sign was gone. I couldn’t find the address. My glasses were so full of ice that I couldn’t see.

Anyway, today I don’t care how many miles Pooh is biking or Jay is walking or whatever extreme sport UKW is up to. I am not skiing in this crap. It’s too bad because I don’t feel so much like a slug today. But yuck. Bring on the bacon!

2 Responses to ““All trails are in excellent condition.””

  1. jane Says:

    it’s icy down here in A2 this morning. I could not go out for a walk this morning. taking 4 steps to get the paper was dicey. so make sure to drive safely on the way home – it’s supposed to get warmer as the day goes on, so it should be ok once you get down here.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Yeah, we are hunkered down until later when it’s supposed to warm up. Since the GG is one o’ them thar government slackers over at the EPA, he gets tomorrow off. Not me.