Life is too short to sort the silverware.

rainbow.jpgIf the bank sent 1099s, you’d have found them in the tax folder.

If the bank didn’t send 1099s, they won’t be in the tax folder.

No, I don’t remember whether the bank sent 1099s.

When 1099s come in the mail, I open them, throw out the envelope or whatever, and put them in the tax folder. And forget them.

Anyway, if they want to audit us over those piddly little bits of interest, they can knock themselves out. Literally, it’s probably under $50. I am not kidding.

Do you know how much money Mouse has in her bank accounts?

I’ll email it to you.

Clickety clickety clickety click tappity tappity tap swooooooooooosh!

Do you know *exactly* what is in our checking and savings accounts at this very moment (this question for the blasted FAFSA, not the taxes).

No. Sheesh. There is very little in our bank savings accounts. I think you know that. Our checking account is like a big wave. I mean, really. It might have $4000 in it today (it doesn’t) and five cents tomorrow (it won’t (I hope)).

That’s how checking accounts are.

So it’s really pretty stupid to nit-pick about how much money is in the blasted checking account at any given moment.

Just put down [ballpark figure].

Do you know how much money Mouse has in her bank accounts?

I emailed that to you *hours* ago.

I didn’t get an email from you.

I sent it.

What email ID did you send it from?

*My* email ID.

I didn’t get it.


Oh, there it is.

Er, repeat about the last ten statements here about umpteen million times.

I hate Tax Day. I mean the day the taxes get done around here, not April 15th.

Other people around here are being veddy veddy serious about the whole thing. To the point where they are not much fun to be around.

Not that things were all bad. Yesterday Webmomster brought Ernie and Alfred down here for an overnight. She tells it better than I can but we did do lots of boilerplate-ice dog-walking and a boilerplate-ice walking trip to Plum Market*, where we ran into Mouse’s longtime friend Liz K. Knight’s was like hitting the triple jackpot last night. Porters and Squires and Evanses galore. Plus Webmomster. I love when Knight’s is like that. And then I got an email problem sorted out that will enable me to forge stumble ahead with the mind-bogglingly complex project of moving my blahg to a decent host service. You don’t want to know. It’ll make your brain hurt. But I think we have done our last FAFSA, so YAY!

P.S. I am getting really good at navigating boilerplate ice. In my Chacos, no less. I might even miss it when it finally melts.

P.S. Take those things out of your ears.

* We are not iced in at all. The sun has been out in full force for a couple days and most roads are dry. They are easily navigable and generally have been all winter.

2 Responses to “Life is too short to sort the silverware.”

  1. Jay Says:

    I was just celebrating finishing our taxes, Rey’s taxes (so I could finish his FAFSA) and both kids FAFSAs. Now I just have to figure how to get them to mail me an official hard copy to get up to UBC. Apparently the electronic version does not cross the border. I didn’t know there was in internet border crossing.

  2. Pooh Says:

    The banks are not required to mail a 1099 if the interest is less than $10. I had to call to find out about an account we closed last year. We’d had paperless statements, but since the account was closed, it didn’t show up on-line anymore. The nice lady at the bank told me the fact in sentence #1, then looked up the info. Yes, Mr. Tax Man, we earned $1.26 in interest on that account!

    I have ours, Dave’s and Dan’s done, but not filed. FAFSA this week, then the extra info U of R requires.