Alien in the Cupboard

alien.jpgHere is your itinerary home to Planet Earth from Planet Zephron III:

Orion Internebular Hyperdrive Transport: depart Planet Zephron III, 35:a5PM Intergalactic Standard Time, arrive Orion Nebula, Station 886xpv, b1:68AM IST

Orion Internebular Hyperdrive Transport: depart Orion Nebula Station 886xpv c8:45AM IST, arrive Alpha Centauri, Planet Blackula, 8d:98PM IST

Milky Way Shuttle: depart Alpha Centauri, Planet Blackula, 93:e2AM IST, arrive Solar System, Planet Venus, 9:40 PM CST

Hey, wait a minute! VENUS!?!?!?! But I don’t want to go to Venus! I can’t even breathe there. I want to go to Earth. And there’s a shuttle that leaves from Planet Blackula to Planet Earth just a few minutes after this stupid flight to Venus. I know Earth and Venus are not that far apart. But I don’t want to go to Venus. I want to go to Earth. Change my ticket! Why can’t you change my ticket?

Grok grok grok! Pssssssst. Hey, Ol’ Baggy: It’s *Injun* in th’ cubbert, NOT *alien* in th’ cubbert. Grok grok refgork

Froggy, it’s okay, I wasn’t referring to the *book*. I was referring to where we *keep* the alien. Grok grok grok.

6 Responses to “Alien in the Cupboard”

  1. Maquis Says:

    So is he a resident alien?

  2. Valdemort Says:

    Wait a second . . .

    I thought I was the alien?

  3. Valdemort Says:

    ¥ƒ∂∞∂∞§∂ß ˚∫¨∆ ªº•¶ø˚˚˚ ÷“ø¬“æ– ¬…∆∆ƒ∂ ∆ ∆ ¬ø•¥§¶ £´œ™£¢™¢∞¢£§∞∂ƒ

  4. mouse Says:

    i doubt anyone else understood the true meaning of that, or who the alien is…but you should know that most flights out of Dakar are delayed by several hours so it’s okay if i have to hang around the miami airport for a few hours.

  5. jane Says:

    Bill and I are not related by blood, but I recently discovered that a friend of mine has essentially that exact same picture of me with an orange.

  6. froooggy Says:

    grok grok. Send it t’ Ol’ Baggy ‘n’ she’ll post it! grok grok.