My Yearly Headache

gasgiant.jpgThat *was* gonna be my title until I figgered out that the last time I had a headache was *not* a year ago today, it was last April 4th. I was accurate in remembering that I felt a little off a year ago today. It just wasn’t a headache. I rarely have headaches or aches and pains in general. Once in a while I sleep “wrong” and it takes a few hours for my back or my neck to spring back into where it needs to be. But that’s rare. And so are headaches. I know I’m lucky. Sorry. Today I do have a little headache. It’s one of those sinus-y type things that hits one little part of one side of my head. It’ll go away. I hope. Well, actually, I’m having a bit of ‘hattan and it is already mostly gone.

The weather was “bad” today. Snow and other precipitation, mostly snow. That’s probably why I have the headache. I didn’t have any trouble getting to work although I honked at a couple of bird-brained trophy wife looking gals with big SUVs that turned in front of me in my cute little blue honda civic. Girls, learn to drive. You can do it. Really. That politician-haired CEO of yours is gonna dump you one o’ these days, I don’t care how cute you are or how much botox you’ve done. He’ll move on to someone even younger and cuter. And you might end up drivin’ a cute little blue honda civic then. It’ll be okay. The Civic is a great vee-hickle. I love it and so will you.

I am actually kind of thriving on the 40-hour work week. I embarked on this adventure with some trepidation. I wondered how I would keep up with the housework. Guess what? If nobody (including me) is home, nobody makes a mess. Duh. I’m still on a learning curve at work. Lately I feel like I’m moving into a new level of comprehension but I’m still absorbing information. I’ve gotten to the point where my brain doesn’t always spin after a meeting (uh, check back with me on that) and I know just enough to know how and where to find information.

Quote of the day? “If you hire adults, they show up.” Or something like that. Kids, remember that. The game is at least halfway won by showing up. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of young people out there who are reliable and have a work ethic. I happen to know a few of them myself! But, unfortunately, there are a number of people my age and older who feel that they are entitled to a living without putting any effort into it and they have reproduced themselves. Sigh.

Okay, I’ll get off that soapbox quick!

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