Kvetch Kvetch Kvetch

marilyn.jpgYes, I was kvetching yesterday about the headache and the driving and the botox and stuff. Sorry. I RARELY get headaches and yesterday’s was the SMALLEST of headaches and that’s what it did to my psyche. And I hope Marilyn doesn’t mind me posting that pic because I am sick of posting tundra and alien pics et al. The hardland of the winter.

I met up with my Wednesday Breakfast Buddy this morning. We rotate restaurants and this morning we were at The Broken Egg, right down there on the corner of Miller and Main. There was no overnight snow and the roads were dry and we were both amazed that we had no problem getting there. In fact, it was a lot easier than it usually is in general and I have just enough of a toe-hold into the Planet Ann Arbor School District schedule that I knew why. It is the so-called mid-winter break.

It got me thinking about a day when my Mom-ometer went into hyperdrive. Lizard Breath and Mouse were both in high school together down at our own Commie High. As a senior that year, Liz had parking privileges and our jeep still has the zebra sticker there on the back window to prove that. [And another zebra for Mouse’s senior year.] That’s two. Cool, but I’m digressing. Mouse was a freshman and her ride to school was usually her sister.

So, I’m a mom and one day we woke up and there was a lot of snow and the schools were not canceled. For whatever reason. Heck, up in the Yoop, the schools did *not* get canceled when I was a kid. I sent the kids off with all kinds of trepidation. They had to drive down Miller to get to school and there are Kerrytown complications that I won’t get into. Anyway. What if they crash? What if they slide off the road? Etc., etc., ad nauseam. I asked the kids to call me when they got to school. I didn’t hear from them and I didn’t hear from them and I didn’t hear from them. I left multiple voice messages on Lizard Breath’s cell phone. No response. Finally I took off to follow them. And I got to Miller. And it was backed up just about all the way to North Maple. My turnoff. Kee-reist! I knew the kids were okay because *nobody* was going more than about 5 mph.

And I was *very* late to my meeting with Paula and Elena (beloved yagbabes and Paula isn’t even with us any more) because of my stupid momness. Love you kids. I hope I wasn’t *too* much of a helicopter mom. *Still* miss you Paula. Maybe you can hang out with my bro’ and dad on our beach sometimes.

2 Responses to “Kvetch Kvetch Kvetch”

  1. isa Says:

    i don’t mind mom, but could you maybe change the title of the post if my blonde haired blue eyed face is going to be underneath it? call you guys in a couple hours!

  2. kayak woman Says:

    yorp, you have a point and it is changed.