Flasherrrrs in the niiiight… doo doo doo doooo doo…

blindedbythelight.jpgWhat was *that*?!?? It was 0-dark-30, and brilliant flashes of light were coming from the bathroom. It was another restless night around the Landfill and it was that batscope time of the night. The usual skulkers had been up and down and doing their thing in their great, gray, green, greasy, limpopo underwear. That’s typical and I was trying to ignore it. Bright flashing lights in the bathroom are a little harder to ignore. The flashing stopped and I attained enough consciousness to figure out that it wasn’t a fire or something. But what? I got up and met the skulker in the living room. What on *earth* is going on? The surprising answer was that the *police* were out in back shining their flashlights around and jumping fences and stuff. They took pictures of something in the back corner of Joan’s yard. And then they were gone. Oh well. Went back to sleep. Dunno what was going on. Chasing someone? I doubt if it had to do with the bomb on the fence back there. Burke’s bomb. I think the Planet’s Finest probably already know about that. They’ve been called about it enough times. Everything was pretty normal in the morning. The skulker found footsteps at the back of the landfill lot. They went behind the shed. There was a sock on *top* of the snow on the other side of the fence. And for once, the Duke of Perrynet didn’t know a thing. He had actually slept through a neighborhood event. Oh, and the GG couldn’t ask what was going on because he wasn’t, er, properly attired for a meeting with the police.

That was how it all started. Now we’re at the end of the day. It was a long day and I think I actually sorta almost semi earned my keep today. Don’t worry, I’ll probably want to *beat* myself for saying that on Monday. And then, since the eight more inches of snow or whatever it was they were predicting didn’t happen today, we drove up here to The Group Home. I usually like to drive but I was too twitchy to drive after working all day. And I was twitchy all the way up. Trying not to count the miles or look at the blasted clock. This will take some getting used to. Having technology in the car helps a bit. I can’t get online in the car with the laptop. At least not yet. Unless we’re sitting somewhere outside a venue with wifi. But I can at least type or process photos. And I *can* check my email and surf the web on my iPhone.

This place is spotless! Lizard Breath (my sis-in-law) gets the kudos for that since she was most recently up here. Er, not that I have the expertise or authority to be handing out awards for housecleaning. And The UU and The Beautiful Gay have just called from a gas station asking if we need anything. Well, lemme see. The sun is well over the yardarm and there’s liqwire here so I think we’ll live until tomorrow.

Blahrglargl, Good night! –Your favorite blahgger, Kayak Woman

2 Responses to “Flasherrrrs in the niiiight… doo doo doo doooo doo…”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Police shining lights into your window in the middle of dark a.m., eh? Checking out your back yard, eh? Headed up North now, eh? S-o-o-o . . . You’re fugitives, eh? On the run, eh? Well, good luck. . .

  2. Jay Says:

    Several years ago we had police with police dogs running through back yards, jumping fences and telling anyone who ventured out to stay inside. That and the helicopter with its shiny light. But it was only nighttime, not the middle of the night. Never did find out if they caught their quarry.