(0) I left my phone at home.

madsci.jpgGive a mad scientist a three-question list, starting with one and ending with three, I mean, how *else* do you start and end a three-question list, and he has to add a zero to the whole thing. Okay, Zero the Hero. I didn’t ask anything about your phone so I’m not sure why you added that item. And I didn’t *call* you. I *emailed* you. Duuuuuhhhhh!

So, question one was “If you get home before me, could you please wheel — or drag or schlep or whatever you can manage to do — our Super Duper Planet Ann Arbor Garbage Cart out to the curb snowbank? Those are approximate words. I wrote the original email on my iPhone so I don’t have it on my MacBook and I’m too lazy to go over there and find it on my iPhone. Actually, I should probably go over there and get my iPhone out and change it from vibrate to sound. Anyway. We normally park two vee-hickles in the driveway and one in the street. If there are two vee-hickles in the driveway, even on a nice dry summer day, it’s hard to maneuver the blasted garbage cart around the second vee-hickle down to the street, especially with that huge mess of cracked concrete next to the old tree. The tree whose top third crashed through our roof and crunched up the POC during a thunderstorm in May 2000. When the driveway is filled with a few inches of snow along with various flavors of ice, boilerplate or whatever, it gets to be kind of like, well, hmmm, I can’t think of a good analogy. It just gets hard. Especially when you are so tired of your blasted beat up snow boots that you’re wearing your Chacos.

And I know all of this because I *did* arrive home first (yay!) even after a run through the Westgate Kroger uscan (see, I still shop there) and, therefore, *I* dragged/schlepped the garbage cart out there. Through the snow. In Chaco sandals. My issue is not that I have to do the chore. I actually like garbage duty. It is that it’s a lot easier to *do* garbage duty when there isn’t a blasted vee-hickle in the way. And we won’t even talk about how precariously the garbage cart is perched out there today on top of the snowbank that the plow left when it plowed The Indefatigable in. Again. Because nobody drives it any more. Kevin? Kevin? Keeevvvviiiinnn????

Oh. Questions two and three? Believe me, you don’t care.

7 Responses to “(0) I left my phone at home.”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    ….*I* care!!!

  2. garbage woman Says:


    2) go to HL or not. Sounds like it’s a go but may change.

    3) stuff about mouse’s flights and baggage et al.

  3. GG Says:

    I was working on Val’s computer in that picture!

  4. isa Says:

    nuh uh it’s mine, see the little picture on it?

  5. kayak woman Says:

    liz is right. it’s her computer. i was wrong. the gg was right. before i convinced him that he was wrong. but i was wrong. i’m tired. g’night. sleep tight. sigh.

  6. Maquis Says:

    I vote for Bill! But of course I always vote for Bill.

    Years ago Anne & Bill came to visit us in STL. I think this was BC *. In MO the name Courtois appears on the map several time. Downtown, off Broadway is Courtois Ave. Locally, pronounced cur-toys. When Anne & Bill were here we traveled southwest about 100 miles to the village of Courtois, MO. It lies on the bank of the Courtois River. There we met and spoke to the last postmaster of Courtois, MO. He explained that the village was pronounced cur-toys because it was French, but the river was pronounced cur-te-way because it was Indian. That was 25 years ago, but even today Anne & I bike down Broadway past cur-toys. And we have also taken our sons floating down the cur-te-way.

    * Before Children

  7. kayak woman Says:

    That trip was BK. There were a couple later trips AK. On one of them, Lizard Breath learned to walk. At least, she was experimenting with it at the RegenAxe house. I think she “officially” walked after we got home.