Verging on vertigo

I finally made it out onto the Blue Ridge Parkway today and all I had for a camera was my iPhone. Actually I did have my trusty old Canon Powershot but I had taken out the memory card and I was too lazy to dredge around in my little black backpack for that so I got whatever photos I got and here is one of them.

I am always talking about what an enthusiastic hiker I am, yada yada. Well. We took a measly little two-miler today up near the top of Mount Mitchell and IT DERN NEAR KILLED ME!!! Yes. We went DOWN on a more or less vertical trail with big rocks and tree roots for steps for what seemed like forever. I had to pick my way amongst the rocks with my worn out old hiking sandals. If we hadn’t been surrounded by forest, I’m sure I’d’ve had vertigo. I dunno why I was thinking that we would be going DOWN the whole way. Maybe because we drove UP the mountain from our end point? But then (hello!), we started going UP. And that was an absolute killer. Same kind of thing in reverse and I was HOT by then. It was not cold in the mountains today. Cloudless sky and absolutely no breeze. And, of course, I was hiking with MOUSE, who was going FAST, dancing along over the rocks like a little mountain goat. I could not keep up and, to add insult to injury, she kept stopping and turning around to make sure her baggy old moom was all right. Roight!

We got back and regrouped on the cabin porch for the afternoon and now we are all scrambling (or not) to get ready for the wedding and I am trying to decide if anyone will notice if I wear my raggedy old hiking sandals. At least we have determined that the wedding is actually in our neighborhood, just a few miles away and not involving busy streets or loopty-loop freeway interchanges. Yay for that!

Happy birthday Elizilla and congratulations to Renee and Nick!

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  1. l4827 Says:

    Sounds like mountaineering has some fun moments. We’re trying to get UP to a 2 miler ….. some day……:-). Local news on the big lake, we’re closing the cabin on this rainy weekend. Chatted with Pete at Cozy Inn. Gonna take a .2 mile hike on the now flat and people absent beach on the big lake tomorrow mornin’. One our nieces got married last Saturday……relatives and weddings….all good.