Doing U-eys in the Greenlife parking lot

Over the course of the weekend, the GG and I have both, on separate occasions, made a wrong turn that resulted in a U-turn in the parking lot of the Greenlife grokkery store. An omen perhaps? Except I didn’t realize it was a grokkery store either time. But then this afternoon, I had been thinking about what the heck we were going to eat for lunch on our trip home. I was not looking forward to the prospect of having to find quick, healthy food near the freeway in, say, Kentucky. Bourbon maybe… Thanks to a little help from a new acquaintenance, we are set with salads from Greenlife. Which turns out to be a grokkery store a lot like Whole Foods! Yes.

We have gotten the hang of driving Asheville. Sort of. At the least, we can get from here to the downtown area and back. Turn at British Petroleum, Ingles, and Ingles. (Ingles is also a grokkery store.) And we have been to the airport twice. After this morning’s trip to the airport, we met up with the bridal party at their hotel for a rather disorganized breakfast. Which was okay with us because we had already eaten breakfast. After everyone said their goodbyes and scattered to the winds, we (meeeee, the GG, and Mouse walked around downtown for a while. People say this place is similar to the Planet Ann Arbor (the Ann Arbor of the south or whatever). I dunno. Not quite. Can’t totally put my finger on why. It is a beautiful city and I have loved staying here but I think I will never live anywhere else other than the Great White North.

This is boring and I am fried and the interior of my brain feels a lot like that photo of the wedding reception looks so I am done for the night. Back on the road tomorrow.

One Response to “Doing U-eys in the Greenlife parking lot”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think I know someone who lives in that city. I understand your ties to the Great White North. I can’t see myself living anywhere other than the Great Rainy North. (today anyway) 😉