Your teen’s National City Visa Buxx was used to conduct a transaction.


First of all, there are no teenagers here but that’s okay, I get the point. I can’t remember the last time I got a message from Visabuxx saying that Mouse had used that card. Visabuxx is a plastic credit card-like beast that you can get for your teenagers. You load it with money and they spend it. Or they can load it with money. If they have a job or another independent source of income. In our household, it was me who did the money loading. It’s okay. It’s a pretty convenient way to give your kids money without feeling like an automated teller machine. You know how that is. They insert a little card into your mouth and you grab it with your teeth and suck it in and your poor, tired, overworked brain does a calculation and directs your hand to dredge into your ski jacket pocket to extricate some cash. Visabuxx takes your body out of the equation. And it sends you an email when your kid has used the card to buy something. Or take money out of an automated teller machine. The non-flesh-and-blood kind. You can follow a link and log in to find out what they spent and where they spent it. I have to say, my kids were so responsible with money that after about the first few of those notifications, the curiosity that killed the cat wore off and I just deleted them. Kee-reist, my kids are more responsible with money than *I* am! Nevertheless, when I got that message today, I followed the link. Seven dollars and some odd change at Amer’s Deli. It’s been a while. I don’t think her card worked in Africa. But I didn’t follow that link because I cared how much money was spent or where. I can’t explain why I followed the link. My “baby” was home here on the Planet Ann Arbor, her first home but not her only home. She used her card today. I was at work and I wanted to know what she was doing but I didn’t want to disturb her if she was trying to sleep after 31 hours of travel et al. This is a pretty stupid thing to get sentimental about. But, love you Mouse. Glad you’re home.

Oh, do we have African fabric? Yes, I think we have African fabric.

4 Responses to “Your teen’s National City Visa Buxx was used to conduct a transaction.”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    OOOOOOoooooohhhhh!! Eye-candy in the form of textiles!

  2. Maquis Says:

    Quilt Porn!

    Guard it well Mouse. Pooh has a quilting retreat this weekend.

    Welcome back!

  3. Pooh Says:

    And Pooh has her own two half-yard cuts of African fabric. (or at least fabric from the “African” section of the shop sponsoring the retreat.) And the funky “Save Our Swamp” fabric which is finally going to get used. Yes, I am using incorrect grammar. The grammar police can just go look for bigger griminals.

  4. Becky Says:

    Welcome home Mouse! What an adventure – good for you.