I can’t find my blasted fabric so y’all get a rant instead

babymouse.jpgI have this gorgeous piece of African fabric of my own that I got at Joann’s about a gazillion years ago. Yes, I think it was imported from Africa. I bought extra because I thought one of the loopy/uptight denizens typical of the Planet Ann Arbor might see it and get their underwear in a bunch about how politically incorrect it was and then it would get pulled from the shelves. Think stylized African women with hoop earrings and turbans and big lips. Of all things, it’s the one piece of fabric out of about a squillion or so that I can’t find.

So, I was reading the Snooze tonight and it was the usual boring stuff about people who can’t seem to keep their pants on, Kwame and that guy in New York or wherever. I don’t know. I’m working now nad and Diane Rehm’s voice doesn’t grate on in the background of my life any more, analyzing every bit of news to absolute death warmed over. Don’t get me wrong, I like Diane, but. Ho hum and “stick it” as Grandroobly would say about most politicians. Anyway, there was a Snooze article about a woman who was *arrested* for leaving her SLEEPING baby in a warm, LOCKED, car while she and her older kids walked TEN YARDS away through SLEET to put some money that the older kids had diligently scavenged into a Salvation Army bucket. And then she was arrested. By some two-bit Walmart security person who sounds like she (?) might have been off her (?) psychotropic meds for just a tad too long. Eventually the mom was locked into a squad car and jailed. Meanwhile, the police managed to forget about the eight and nine-year-old (or whatever) siblings and *they* ended up walking home. Alone.

Kee-reist! I honestly don’t know if this is a true story or urban legend or what. I’m too tired to do the research. Knock yourselves out. Unfortunately, it’s believable. People, it is HARD to schlep little kids around all the time. There’s always somebody who is just not with the program. Sometimes it’s mom! You can’t just throw your kids into the car any more. They have to be strapped and belted in within an inch of their lives. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. I KNOW that it has saved many babies’ lives. But, it makes for a *lot* of stress for everyone involved. Heck, when I was a kid back in the Jurassic age, you just plain GOT IN THE CAR! Fer Kee-reist! I have done what that woman did. I love my kids to distraction. I was terrified when they were babies that if I turned my back for one blasted second, they would be stolen or stomped by a tyrannosaur or whatever. Heck, back when *I* had babies, you still had to go *inside* to pay for self-serve gas! So, what do you do? Do you unbuckle everybody and drag them 10 yards or whatever into the gas station? Or do you lock the car and set the alarm (what alarm? when I had Lizard, I was driving a 1980 Ford Fiesta) and run over there to pay your gas? Waiting nervously while some nincompoop in front of you debates the price of cigarettes for five minutes. Um, I have KIDS in my CAR! OUT THERE! Sheesh! I was SO HAPPY when I first encountered a pay-at-the-pump gas station. Unfortunately, that was long after my kids were toddlers.

People, young mothers need our help these days. Believe me, they are NERVOUS enough about their kids’ safety without having to worry about being arrested for being careful. The rules aren’t clear any more. [deleted long stuff about hiring and training Walmart-type security guards.] USE COMMON SENSE, people. Parents, educators, health professionals, police-like people. C’mon. Give the mom a break. It ain’t easy.

Oh, Mouse? Mouse is doing fine and wonderful! That’s her in the pic, sometime in 1988. Back in the day when I had to schlep her in and out of the grocery store — oooh, definitely not always happy at all — and figger out what to do with her when I needed to go inside the gas station to pay. Somehow, she survived my imperfect “parenting.” [a word that didn’t exist — that I know of — when I had my first child]. And she has just left for the grocery store herself this minute, under her own power and dealing with the culture shock of American grocery stores after living in Africa for six months.

Love y’all, Kayak Woman

7 Responses to “I can’t find my blasted fabric so y’all get a rant instead”

  1. isa Says:

    i am willing to bet none of that would have happened had she been a father/male.

  2. Maquis Says:

    Years ago I had Daniel on my shoulders as I leaned over the fence to look down into the St. Louis Zoo lion’s den. Could have been a biblical experience until I realized what I was doing. Thank God my children are adults. So Social Services, Nanny Nanny Nay Hey!

  3. jane Says:

    I recall a time on the planet about 20 years ago when Elizabeth and Danny were both stroller age, and Mouse and Dave weren’t around yet. we were all downtown doing something and Mark and Bill were doing their parental thing and pushing the strollers. but guys being guys, when it came time to cross the street it turned into a race and they were sprinting across Division on a diagonal (not with the light or anything – hey, it is A2) as fast as they could. These were the not-so-sturdy umbrella handle strollers.

    But as we know, Elizabeth and Danny both turned out fine and don’t seem to have been traumatized by competitive strollering.

  4. kayak woman Says:

    That reminds me of a certain beach incident involving the same players and a canoe. I think I’ll leave that one buried in the historical archives but suffice it to say that I, as a mom, was *radiating*.

  5. renee courtois Says:

    Amen! i think the mom was acquitted or whatever today, though.

  6. Webmomster Says:

    …then there are the toddlers who “brick launch” their couch-inhabiting daddies…

  7. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Interesting how I should have been in jail for being a bad mom. I used to drive to 7-11 where I could park in front of the window and leave 3 kids (Scott, Sally and Sheila) in the car while I purchased milk and diapers. They were locked in the car with the windows cracked. I would wait until there was no line and then run in, get my stuff, and leave. Too hard to drag 3 kids. I wouldn’t be able to carry my stuff if I had to hold onto a kid. Now that very same act would make me guilty of child abandonment. I would probably get thrown in jail, but only after the court system had played their “game” and made sure that I had hired a lawyer for a hefty fee. Also, I would have to pay some kind of a fine becase someone has to pay court costs. I could go on, but you get my drift.
    Shame on the police in Illinois. They should be thrown in jail for endangering the lives of the kids they left behind while they were dragging the mom off. If she had left the sleeping child in a mall parking lot and gone on a 2 hour shopping spree, maybe I could understand because the kid could freeze (or bake) to death. But within her sight? What ever happened to common sense?