My brain on drugs

gearhead.jpgI did a double-take when I saw a Faaaarrfox tab that said, “loading, loading, loading.” I’ve been seeing that thing more often than not in the last year or so and it has always meant that my website pages were loading s-l-o-w-l-y. Again. Ad infinitum. Ad nauseam. As in click on “home” and then go down and futz around with the laundry for a while and when you come back up, it *might* be loaded. Or maybe it’ll be timed out. I’m a little jumpy about that but this time *my* website had loaded quick as a wink! It was my online bank! I just closed the tab. I’ll get back out there later. I know they will fix it pretty fast. They can’t afford to lose customers.

Like Purehost apparently thinks it can. To reveal at last the name of my long time web hosting service. Officially at least, I may have accidentally name-dropped it before. And it’s only one of my host services anyway. I have other sites at Bluehost which is great.

I still don’t have my email configured properly on my computer. I mean, my *real* computer. It’s configured on my iPhone, much easier to deal with than Mac OSX Mail, and I have webmail at my new host. We’ll get that figgered out eventually. But my pages actually load now. They don’t take five or 10 or 15 minutes to load. They don’t lose the connection. I’m sure there’ll be days when the new host has problems. Everyone does. My bank, for example. It can’t be anywhere near as bad as Purehost has been for the last year or so.

It’s a long story. The issue is an ongoing problem with what they are calling something like “connectivity issues with mysql databases”. Well, sorry Purehost, but most blogs and many content management systems use mysql databases. How many blogs are out there? 10,000-million? Are you supporting blogging software or not? Someday in another blahg entry, I’ll make a list of random and bizarre things that random “tech support” people told me in my many messages to Purehost asking what the #$%@ was going on. I’m too taaarrred tonight. I encountered a few good people along the way who were willing to answer my questions honestly. You guys, I’m sure there’s somebody out there who’ll hire you if you ever want to leave Purehost.

What I can’t figure out is why Purehost is always sending out html-formatted email messages talking about how wonderful their web design services are. Or their ecommerce stuff. Which is probably *not* using mysql. If they can send me messages about all the “wonderful” stuff they can do, why can’t they send me a message saying, “we’re having trouble dealing with mysql?” I don’t know what complicated business decisions drove all of that but I’m outta there. I didn’t *choose* Purehost in the first place but that’s a whole ‘nother long story.

I’m gone from Purehost now. THANK YOU my friend and new webhost jcb. You are wonderful and I am honored to be one of your ragtag bunch of renegades.

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