rrrrrr clunk . . . . ticktickticktick rrrrrr clunk . . . . ticktickticktick rrrrr clunk

mudslush.jpgThat is NOT an unbalanced load.

Ever hear of the seven-year itch? Well, how ’bout the 26-year itch?

Siiiiirens in the niiiiiiight. And flashing lights too. Doo doo doo doo doo….

I do not own enough underwear to make it until Tuesday.

Sandals in the snoooooowww… Don’t change my settings… doo doo doo doo doo…..

Call me when you’re done taking all the controllers apart.

And I don’t have time to buy any.

Snow aaaand slush and iiiiiice. Don’t clear my cookies… doo doo doo doo doo…

16 years is long enough. It is time.

Let it melt. Plowing and shoveling and snowblowing just makes it worse.

Cranes crashing through bridges and truckloads of water bottles in the woods.

Stormy Kromer hats do not go in the basket. Keys go in the basket.

Mmmmmm. Nice, cold coffee, right out of the pot. Good morning!

I have a swift in my hot little hands. Toldja I knew where it was.

3 Responses to “rrrrrr clunk . . . . ticktickticktick rrrrrr clunk . . . . ticktickticktick rrrrr clunk”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    yeah, I agree. It’s time.

    front-loaders, while more expensive, don’t have that “unbalanced load” issue that your equipment failure is vaguely resembling

    anyway, I gotta go to my interview. Tata for now!

  2. Webmomster Says:

    my email ain’t working…. I meant to try to say that your equipment failure that makes that *noise* like unbalanced load but isn’t unbalanced load…. anyhoo, FL’s don’t go unbalanced….unless there’s something TERRIBLY wrong….

  3. Webmomster Says:

    my email is still not working. I’ll have to cycle the modem….