breakin’ outta black and blue

I neeeeeed a beeyootyful red skirt. A long, flowy one with a bit of tulle attached to the bottom and a few crystal colored sequins scattered about.

<headdesk>If you define a CSS ID, it won’t matter what garish color you’ve assigned for the background. If you call it as a *class*, the background will not show up. Nor will any of the other properties you’ve assigned. Nothing like wasting two whole hours.</headdesk> P.S. Don’t tell the long-suffering, cat-herding person. Unless you wanna be teased unmercifully.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to use the subjunctive. Whenever possible. [ducks under the Blue and Only Toilet]

Note to Old Town barrroooooom eavesdroppers: Our life is not [usually] anywhere near as soap opera-y as our conversation is making it sound like.

PTPM is not here tonight. But Owen is!

Where is McMackAttack when you need him?

If we leave downtown NOW, we will get to the Yellow Slide Playground just about the time I won’t be able to hold it any more.

If you wanna be a fish ant, you hafta turn *here*, not at the next block. Or not…

Laugh, laugh, I thought I’d die-hie-hie. It seemed so funny to me-hee-hee.

In which the GG again gets toadily into the whole AACT Old Town barrrrrooooom goodbye thing.









All roight. Haveya had enuff o’ meeeeee tonight? Am I obnoxious enuff? 🙂

Note to self: You can fall asleep on the couch tonight if you want but pleeeeeez make your way to bed waaaayyyyy before that batscope time of the morning. Otherwise, your stoopid old sleep cycles will get off-kilter again and you will wake up a half hour late and then you won’t have time to do your regular skunk walk and you’ll be ticked off at yourself all day because you are an OCD idiot about your walk. Just sayin’.

G’night. -KW

6 Responses to “breakin’ outta black and blue”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Wow–they are blinking!! Good night–I still have papers to correct, so I’ll be up a while. Grrr. I wasted two hours today too, but for different reasons. Sleep tight!!

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Heh heh, goodbye and goodnight!

  3. Pooh Says:

    If you went to the bat-room while the GG was doing the Long Goodbye, maybe you’d sail right past the yellow slide playground without even thinking about the blue and only bat-room. 😉

  4. Jay Says:

    I am so sorry we will not be in A2 on a Friday night

  5. laurie Says:

    here you go:

    long red skirt

  6. laurie Says:

    uh oh. does my link not work? try this: