It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Leonoid!!!

I was walking up Miller. Toward the west, that is. The sky was just beginning to get light. Suddenly a light streaked across the sky. At lightning speed. A meteor! My brain flashed back to November 2001. Yeah, post 911. I was walking along one morning and it was just starting to get a bit light and neighbor/Haisley Mom Mary Louise was walking toward me looking a little panicked. Did I see that light streak across the sky? What was it? [i.e., was it a plane crashing?] Well. I didn’t see it. I was heading away from it. But I hadn’t *heard* anything and I couldn’t see any smoke anywhere. I knew what it was and I warmly reassured her that the Leonid meteor shower was in progress and that I was sure that she had just seen a meteor.

Now. I am married to a mad scientist who, when Haley’s Comet came around back in 1986 and we were visiting the grandparents in Florida, got up at something like 3:00 AM every morning and drove a half hour or so inland (where there are fewer lights) to set up his telescope to watch it. I do not keep track of most astronomical events. Other than the sunrise, that is. Hopefully that happens every day, roight? I knew that there was a meteor shower going on at that time because Elizilla had gone out with her high school friends the night before to watch them. And yes, I know that it’s “Leonid”, not “Leonoid”. When I first knew the GG, he once referred to “Leonoid Brezhnev” and we were both cracking up about it and eventually it just turned into one of those things I misspell/mispronounce on purpose. Because ya can’t be toadily correct all the time or you’ll go nuts! Roight? Roight. It’s called poetic license. Or something like that.

I wanted to think that seeing that meteor was an omen that would bring me all kinds of good fortune. I dunno if that is some kind of a hangover from what were likely pagan ancestors somewhere back in the depths of time or what. Because really I don’t believe in that kind of stuff. I don’t think. So. Good fortune? Not really. But today was a pretty good day, knocking wood big time. I’ll take that. I didn’t really want to stay home this weekend but the holidays are coming up way too fast and this place is a mess. Since I thought we were gonna mobilize and re-do the Landfill Chitchen this fall, I was neglecting it big time. Okay. We’re not doing that yet. So. Today, I purged a bunch of old packaged food and stuff. Sorry about that *one* package of Ramen noodles. I can’t remember the last time somebody cooked any of those. I know. I know. I used to buy those by the dozen ten years ago or so. Wouldn’t you know, I throw out the one ramen package in the cupboard and five minutes later, the GG is looking for it for his lunch. I just assumed it was five years old or whatever. It’s okay. All is well. He found some ramen noodles in his camping stash.

One thing I did *not* purge was the cute little yellow mousey up on Froog’s head there in the photooo. I am not very sentimental about “stuff”. I am pretty good at purging but I have to be in the right kind of mood to do it. I was good today. But that little yellow mousey was my childhood dog Tigger’s toy. I cannot get rid of it. Especially since I have a daughter who has renamed herself “Mouse”. Actually, I think I *have* the mouse because The Commander, who is purging her belongings big-time, could not purge the mouse. She knew who to give it to. Yaknow… That little yellow mousey still squeaks, if you squeeze her. I think that’s amazing, given that she is 50 years old and spent 13 years of her life as a dog’s favorite toy.

I am rambling. Good night. Jay and Carl, have a great trip. Seeya tomorrow, maybe? Definitely on Thursday.

2 Responses to “It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Leonoid!!!”

  1. Pooh Says:

    Yellow Mouse is definitely a keeper. They just don’t make ’em like that anymore! Much as I like Ernie ‘n Alfred, they should not be introduced to Yellow Mouse.

  2. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Hey, I have not asked about psycho mouse. We sent her to live with Mouse last Easter. Has she been behaving herself? Tell her I said Hello!