Er, what the heck was that cute title I was thinking of a few minutes ago?

Not only did I lose the title, I also lost my train of thought. I interrupted myself to put some chicken pot pie into the oven. I cannot remember the last time I made chicken pot pie. I mean, I have been making it since the Jurassic Age. But probably not since about April or May 2010. Back in the Jurassic Age, when I was faced with trying to feed my [very healthy] zero growth curve children, one of the things that they *would* eat were those frozen chicken pot pies that some of us [me] were served when we were children. And liked [me].

But… I like to cook from scratch, although I will use canned tomatoes when tomatoes are out of season. The Commander used to keep me supplied with home-canned tomatoes. Not so much nowadays. And that is OKAY!!!! (Saying that so The Commander doesn’t feel guilty about not canning tomatoes the last few years. WE LOVE YOU ANYWAY, GRANDMOOM!!!) Anyway, at some point in time, I found a chicken pot pie recipe somewhere. I actually think it was that Parade Magazine that used to come with the Ann Arbor Snooze. The recipe was simple, or so I thought. Well. It is simple in some ways but it turns out that I use every blasted bowl in the Landfill Chitchen to make it. Oh well. It is good and I used to take batches of it over to Kalamazoo College when one or more of the beach urchins were over there. And once I even dropped a batch off at Albion College. For a friend we were visiting on the way to K College. I wish I could send chicken pot pie to Cali but that would probably involve dry ice and lots of money. Kinda like sending headlamps to Senegal except that headlamps don’t need dry ice…

So… We left the Landfill at about 6:40 this morning. We walked through the neighborhoods up to Forsythe Middle School and over the freeway, through Bird Hills Park and along the Urine Huron River trails to the Northside Grille for breakfast. And then home, through town and the newly terraformed West Park and past the old Seventh Street apartment and W.05’s house and on and on up the old river valley toward home.

G’night. -KW

One Response to “Er, what the heck was that cute title I was thinking of a few minutes ago?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Chicken pot pie is such comfort food–I love it. I also am a fan of meatloaf for the same reason. AND POTATOES. Headlamps to Senegal? Do tell…