The Rules! (???)

Yeah. Just dredging around through old computer files. This one is from 1998. Anybody wanna venture a guess about which beach urchin prompted it?

1.   One snack only.
2.   Snack only comes first if friend comes home after school.
3.   If I call a friend after school we each have our snack at home before we play. We can have a small snack later.
4.   If I didn’t finish my lunch at school, I finish my lunch for snack.
5.   We don’t get snacks without permission.
6.   Use please and thank you when talking to an adult about food (or anything else for that matter).

Other People’s Things
1.   I do not go into Liz’s or Mom’s room without permission.
2.   Before we play I ask mom which rooms besides my own room we can play in.
3.   I don’t use anyone else’s things, even Froggy, without permission.

Talk and Language
1.   NO BAD language, including the words fart, butt, and butthead.
2.   We NEVER talk back to any adult in the house. When my mom or dad tell us to do something, we do it.

1.   Don’t yell and scream without permission, ESPECIALLY not Froggy.
2.   Obscene noises are totally prohibited.
3.   Loud animal noises, especially when made by Froggy and Moly, belong outside unless special permission is given.

1.   Running inside the house is forbidden.
2.   Jumping on, onto, or off of furniture is especially forbidden.
3.   Wild behavior belongs outside.
4.   If my friends start to go through my drawers or other things, I can get my mom to help me if a polite request to stop going through my stuff doesn’t stop them from doing it.

Saying Good-bye
1.   When it’s time for my friend to leave, we don’t hide from our parents.
2.   If my friend’s mom or dad comes to pick her up, I walk my friend to the door, say good bye and thank her for coming over.
3.   If my mom or dad drives my friend home, I HAPPILY go along for the ride so my friend doesn’t feel uncomfortable.
4.   Froggy does not eat people before they go home.

5 Responses to “The Rules! (???)”

  1. Pooh Says:

    Hammurabi and Moses had nothing on this rules scribe!

  2. mouse Says:

    i was an awful little child, wasn’t i?

  3. jane Says:

    Mouse – you may have had awful moments, but not all the time. 😉

    Banana — this list should be discarded and replaced with the much shorter list of rules —
    1) don’t throw sand.
    2) don’t go swimming without an adult watching.

    although I can’t believe we didn’t cover ‘snacks’. and perhaps ‘beer’.

  4. fran Says:

    YOU MADE MY DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. kayak woman Says:

    you made my day too! You managed to submit a comment!